Summit fosters Minhang growth and development

Yang Meiping
The International Industry Key Elements Summit was held on Sunday, with over 100 industrial leaders providing insight into Minhang Districts' potential for development and growth.
Yang Meiping

More than 100 industrial leaders gathered at a summit on Sunday to contribute their wisdom for the high-quality development of Minhang District.

At the International Industry Key Elements Summit Dialogue organized by the Minhang government, Chen Wenhua, director of the district, said Minhang, located at the center of Shanghai's geographic map, is one of the city's leading districts in terms of comprehensive economic strength. With a focus on innovation and open development, Minhang is seeing the potential for major growth opportunities through the construction of the Hongqiao International Open Hub, the city's effort to build itself into an international center for science and technology innovation, and the national strategy for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

He added Minhang is working to seize these opportunities in order to further develop the district's industries and promote high-quality sustainable growth.

During their keynote speeches, Lam Khin Yong, vice president of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, emphasized the importance of cooperation between enterprise, government and research institutions in achieving scientific innovation, while Peng Wensheng, chief economist and head of research for the China International Capital Corporation, highlighted the role of the Belt and Road initiative in promoting industrial cooperation and green transformation.

The summit also featured several notable events such as the release of a special issue of the Shanghai Science and Technology Review dedicated to Minhang's technological innovations, as well as the appointment of several leading experts as "representatives" of Minhang's development across a variety of industries and fields.

Additionally, the event saw the signing of a strategic partnership agreement between Minhang and China International Capital Corporation, Donghao Lansheng Group, and China Construction Bank, aimed at furthering the development of high-quality innovation and infrastructure within the district.

Looking forward, Minhang plans to continue to harness its strengths in order to develop and promote innovation in key industries, and to build on its achievements to further position itself as a highly competitive hub for sustainable industrial growth.

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