Jing'an set for host of urban renewal projects this year

Li Qian
District outlines a number of works to be carried out and designed to improve families' living conditions and enhance area's cultural and commercial facilities.
Li Qian

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Jing'an set for host of urban renewal projects this year

A number of urban renewal projects is to be launched in downtown Jing'an this year, according to a district government conference on Monday.

The district plans the renovation of ten old residential plots, set to benefit nearly 1,900 families.

It will also accelerate the transformation of Dongsiwenli from a dilapidated shikumen neighborhood into a new cultural and commercial landmark along Suzhou Creek.

Another significant shikumen renewal project, the eastern section of Zhangyuan, or Zhang's Garden, will see its construction accelerated. In particular, a hotel, an art museum and a performing arts center will be on the agenda.

The expansion of Jing'an District Library will also begin this year.

The Jufu Guochao Art Center will see its roof sealed by the end of this year.

The center is being converted from the Jing'an District Museum of Cultural Relics and Historical Materials on Fumin Road.

It will become a five-storey building, with a sanheyuan (Chinese traditional U-shaped courtyard) maintained and repaired. There will also be benches and a sunken courtyard along the road as open public cultural spaces.

The center is designed to promote the style of guochao, or Chinese-chic, in the area. Guochao is a fashion trend among Chinese youngsters who favor domestic brands and products incorporated with traditional culture elements and styles.

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