Professor suspended after students expose research misconduct

Yang Yiting
Huazhong Agricultural University officials confirm report's claims after an investigation and professor removed from his teaching and research positions as its probe continues.
Yang Yiting
Professor suspended after students expose research misconduct

Huazhong Agricultural University released the results of its investigation into Huang's academic misconduct on Weibo on January 19.d

An embattled professor faces disciplinary action after a university investigation confirmed academic misconduct, including plagiarism and fabricated data.

The accusations came on Wednesday when a scathing 125-page report penned by 11 of Huang's graduate students, detailing a litany of alleged improprieties, were released online.

On Friday, Huazhong Agricultural University officials confirmed the report's claims after an investigation, though specific details were not released.

Huang was removed from his teaching and research positions as the investigation continues. Huang was a professor at the College of Animal Science and Technology and the School of Animal Medicine of the university.

"Academic integrity is paramount," Huazhong Ag said in a statement. "We will investigate thoroughly and take appropriate disciplinary action based on the findings."

A tutor group was also set up by the university to take over the training of graduate students in Huang's research group.

The students' report accuses Huang of manipulation of peer reviews, improper attribution of papers, falsification of textbooks, and muzzling and mistreating grad students.

Several of Huang's papers, funded by the prestigious National Natural Science Foundation of China, were apparently misrepresented as his own achievements.

The students hope their actions shield future colleagues from a similar academic nightmare.

They told "We don't want students to join the group in the future to face the same situation as we did and lose their enthusiasm for research and learning."

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