Company 'dates' employees in show of love

Wang Yanlin
Johnson & Johnson hosted special events in Shanghai and Beijing to show appreciation for its employees in China especially during the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Wang Yanlin
Company 'dates' employees in show of love
Ti Gong

Johnson & Johnson's "Let's Date" event underway at its Shanghai offices.

US health-care company Johnson & Johnson hosted a special event in China on Wednesday to show appreciation for its employees, especially against the background of the COVID-19 outbreak.

A livestreaming event took place at the company’s offices in Shanghai and Beijing, engaging more than 11,000 employees via on-site activities and virtual connections.

Wednesday is considered lovers' day in China as the date sounds similar to the Chinese for "I love you.” The event was called "Let's Date."

The company also launched a set of WeChat emojis which it said was to stimulate employee commitment and showcase its people strategy of “innovation, talent and impact.”

Alex Kopitsas, head of human resources at Johnson & Johnson China, who chose to return to the Chinese mainland at the end of January, said COVID-19 had created many unprecedented new situations, but it was a time to show strength of leadership, and the company has done a good job.

“We have long-term confidence in China,” Kopitsas said.

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