Amway announces new strategy to meet its growth objectives

Amway said that it has enjoyed a steady growth pace over the past three years and launched the "Beautiful Life" strategy to take it to its next stage in development.
Amway announces new strategy to meet its growth objectives

Steve Van Andel and Doug DeVos, Co-Chairmen of Amway's Board of Directors, recognize the strong momentum of the Chinese economy and the market's enormous potential.

Amway announced that it has achieved positive business growth, unveiled a new corporate strategy, and is ready to fully embrace unlimited growth potential in China.

The new strategy of “Beautiful Life” reflects the company’s latest objective to elevate business performance to the next level by keeping up with market trends.

President of Amway China Yu Fang stated that the company has demonstrated consistent momentum and returned to a positive growth trajectory over the past three years.

Amway’s top executives, including Nutrilite Health Institute President Sam Rehnborg, the son of Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg, Steve Van Andel and Doug DeVos, Co-Chairmen of the Board of Directors for Amway, and Amway Global CEO Milind Pant, gathered in Shanghai to witness the unveiling of the “Beautiful Life” corporate strategy.

They praised Amway China for being an innovative example of Amway’s global expansion and extolled the change in Amway China’s corporate strategy from “Health and Wellness” to “Beautiful Life.”

At a gala on Sunday, a number of new initiatives were unveiled, including the unveiling of Nutrilite’s new anti-aging product line, iCell, and the release of China’s breakfast nutritional dietary guidebook by the Chinese Nutrition Society with support from the Nutrilite Health Institute.

Steve Van Andel and Doug DeVos recognize the powerful momentum of the Chinese economy and the enormous potential of the Chinese market and said the company will continue to increase its strategic investments.

Amway has empowered and redesigned its business to better align with the local market trend and maintains a strong commitment to local economic development.

Yu explained that the company’s mission is to “help people live a healthier and better life” and health is merely the beginning of a better life.

The eight pillars of Amway’s new “Beautiful Life” strategy are physical health, a vibrant lifestyle, emotional wellness, strong social connections, long-term financial well-being, sustained personal development, social contribution, and a green, low-carbon lifestyle.

Not only do they embody Amway’s corporate values, but they also correspond to the latest demands of the Chinese public in the new era.

Amway’s sales reps are motivated by the promise of a better life and are helped by the company’s latest investment and marketing efforts. They are continuing to add more content and activities to each vertical community in order to help individuals and partners grow in all areas and to push for the progress of the community and society as a whole.

Amway China has adjusted its strategic focus and resources to the health and wellness sector over the past three years, in accordance with the State Council’s “Healthy China” blueprint.

It has positioned itself as a “promoter of comprehensive health and wellness” and increased investment in product research and development and innovation, bolstered its digital operation capability, developed a robust and resilient supply chain system, and assisted its marketing staff in establishing and operating health communities with local characteristics.

It has effectively increased public health awareness by promoting and disseminating health knowledge, fostering healthy lifestyle habits, and offering individualized health solutions.

In this way, not only was positive social value created, but a solid business rebound was also attained.

China has been Amway’s largest market worldwide for the past two decades, and the company has established a complete industrial chain, including R&D, digitalization, production, logistics, experience, and customer service.

Amway’s charitable online health community has 1.35 million members, and the Chinese Nutrition Society has trained and certified more than 60,000 nutritional health consultants, creating hundreds of thousands of health and wellness communities that reach many households with the most recent information.

Amway released its 2022 Sustainability Report in May of this year, announcing a carbon-neutral roadmap and a commitment to attain full carbon neutrality by 2038.

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