Multinational food corporations embrace regional tastes

Ding Yining Yang Meiping
The allure of regional tastes and evolving patterns of consumption has attracted multinational food corporations to promote a wide array of culinary choices.
Ding Yining Yang Meiping
Multinational food corporations embrace regional tastes
Dong Jun / SHINE

Local flavors and new consumption habits have enticed eager global food companies to introduce a diverse range of cuisines.

The emergence of new consumption habits, coupled with the appeal of local flavors, has enticed foreign food companies to introduce an extensive assortment of dishes.

Ferrero Group's Black Forest fruity gummies made their first appearance in China in September.

Taking advantage of the CIIE, it is the famed brand's latest foray into China's gummy segment. It is best known for its chocolate and packaged snacks.

The gummies with high vitamin C and natural flavors match the newest trend of functional advantages for snacking, according to Ferrero China general manager David Zhang.

Its hallmark Ferrero Collection has unveiled a new seasonal package incorporating the cappuccino flavor in mixed packaging, bringing additional flavor to savor.

He said that CIIE's broad and diverse product offerings provide food for thought and fresh ideas for cross-over collaboration, and that it also makes significant efforts to customize its offerings for numerous niche and specialized retail channels in the local market.

Multinational food corporations embrace regional tastes
Ti Gong

Ferrero, known for its chocolate and packaged nibbles, has just released "Black Forest" gummies.

Tyson Foods' recent expansion into prepared food and ready-to-heat dishes also meets the current demands for more dining varieties and convenience while cooking home meals.

For individuals who want new and daring flavors, a chicken wings package in caramel honey and garlic butter flavor has been introduced.

It is also experimenting with new consumption scenarios, such as solo meals and late-night snacks with alcoholic drinks.

Jung-Soo Kim, CEO of Korean food company Samyang Roundsquare, is visiting the exhibition for the first time and is impressed.

"The fair serves as an important occasion to gauge the reception and feedback of the Chinese market and to promote and share opportunities between China and the whole world," she said.

The company intends to raise its workforce in China next year.

Valio, a Finnish dairy manufacturer, highlighted its high-quality lactose-free dairy products from pure pastures in Finland for lactose-intolerant consumers, demonstrating the growing desire for natural and healthy food advantages.

Multinational food corporations embrace regional tastes
Ti Gong

The Business Finland-hosted Finnish National Pavilion features 17 Finnish companies.

The company is one of 17 Finnish enterprises represented at the Finnish National Pavilion.

"The expo serves as an important channel of connectivity between Chinese and Finnish enterprises," said China Country Director of Business Finland Marko Tiesmäki. "It also provides an excellent opportunity for enterprises to establish cooperation, strengthen partnerships, and expand business potential."

To highlight its ongoing efforts to expand the availability of imported food, a Finnish national flagship store will open on JD later this week.

Multinational food corporations embrace regional tastes
Dong Jun / SHINE

French bakery masters showcase their skills at Lesaffre's CIIE booth.

Visitors to the exhibit of yeast manufacturer Lesaffre can sample a new bread product created from Yuanyang County's red rice in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

The new product is part of the company's attempts to aid China's rural revitalization program. At previous expos, it brought bread made from highland barley in Tibet and "Naan Pizza," a combination of Eastern and Western food, with flour, lamb, cumin, and other ingredients and flavors obtained from Xinjiang.

Lafarre struck a new agreement with Shanghai-based snack food company Laiyifen and the Yuanyang administration at this year's CIIE to continue creating new products with the county's special red rice and buckwheat.

It has agreed to collaborate with China Agricultural University on the development of bread products using black wheat from Guantao County in Hebei Province.

With its expertise in the baking business, it has also assisted China in the development of relevant talent. At this year's fair, it also secured an arrangement with a vocational school in Yuanyang to bring its students to Shanghai for training. It will also develop bakery centers in its China headquarters for Caoyang Vocational and Technical School professors and students.

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