Range of events planned during Shanghai Investment Promotion Season

Shen Mengdan
The 2024 season will focus on the optimization and promotion of the business environment, the progress of industrial and private investment, and balanced development of districts.
Shen Mengdan

Editor's note:

Shanghai, a well-established destination for investment both domestic and international, is confident of riding the waves of a rising city to attract more quality investment with better policies and services.

Range of events planned during Shanghai Investment Promotion Season
Ti Gong

The 2024 Shanghai Investment Promotion Season will be held from February to June this year, aiming at attracting overseas investment and showcasing the favorable business environment in Shanghai.

Compared with previous years, this year's event will focus more on the optimization and promotion of the business environment, the simultaneous progress of industrial and private investment, as well as the balanced development of each district.

"Shanghai should insist on benchmarking international standards in all aspects as its main line," said Gu Jun, deputy secretary-general of the city government and director of the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission.

Nine planned activities are as follows:

  • On February 18, the Shanghai Business Environment Optimization 7.0 Action Plan was released, introducing this year's main activities during the Shanghai Investment Promotion season.
  • The "Going Out" investment promotion campaigns would attract major enterprises and high-capacity projects worldwide.
  • A meeting would be held on the construction of the Hongqiao International Hub, with the signing of various cooperations, agreements, and projects.
  • The reform and innovation achievements of Pudong would be released, to decode the comprehensive reform implementation program of the Pudong New Area, and reveal major reform and innovation cases.
  • The Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference would be held, with the focus on signing major investment projects as well as displaying the achievements of Shanghai's industrial and economic development.
  • A service-focused series of campaigns for the development of the private economy would take place, to carry out activities such as project promotion, cooperation between banks and enterprises, release of new infrastructure investment opportunities, and interpretation of interest rate policies.
  • The 7.0 version of the business environment reform plan in the field of engineering and construction would be released, to interpret policies on reforming the approval system for engineering and construction projects and optimizing the business environment for bidding and tendering.
  • Activities with district characteristics on investment attraction and project signing would be organized.
  • A summary meeting of the Shanghai Investment Promotion Season would be held, to release a new round of initiatives to support the high-quality development of the "Five New Cities," namely, Qingpu, Jiading, Songjiang, Fengxian, and Nanhui, inviting more foreign business entities to invest and settle in these new cities.

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