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High-tech catches with the kitchen appliance market

Zhu Shenshen
The integrated "Cooking Center" from home appliance maker Fotile manages temperature and emissions using sensors and AI for "from novice to experienced chef."
Zhu Shenshen

Integration and intelligence are catching up with the kitchen appliance market, making cooking cleaner, smarter, and healthier, according to industry leader Fotile.

The cooking device market is seeing a rebound this year, with a market value of more than 100 billion yuan (US$13.7 billion) due to upgrades with artificial intelligence characteristics.

On Thursday, Fotile released an integrated "Cooking Center" featuring a hood, oven and gas cooktop. It can control temperature and emissions using sensors and AI. It is suited for all types of people, "from novice to experienced chef."

In China, Fotile and Robam are two home appliance heavyweights, accounting for half of the overall market share.

In 2022, the Chinese kitchen home appliance market revenue reached 95.8 billion yuan, a 2 percent increase over the previous year.

According to industry experts, the market will strongly recover in 2023 and surpass 100 billion yuan.

The Fotile Center was built with 3,700 patents, making it a "cooking expert" specifically tailored for Chinese families. It makes sense given that Chinese households spend over two hours a day in the kitchen on average.

High-tech catches with the kitchen appliance market
Ti Gong

Fotile's integrated "Cooking Center" makes cooking easier, cleaner and smarter.

Since 2023, integrated goods have grown in popularity among consumers in China as they solve the contradiction between the diversity of consumer demand for kitchen appliances and the relatively small size of the kitchen. According to researcher AVC, it has become the market's fastest-growing segment since this summer.

Another big trend is intelligence, as the kitchen is an important aspect of the smart home. According to International Data Corp, China's smart home industry revenue will increase by 55 percent by 2022.
In its innovative cooking center, Fotile uses a "brain" with sensors to precisely manage temperature and humidity inside the ingredients. Customized recipes are also available.

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