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Chinese commerce minister meets Apple CEO Tim Cook

Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao met with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday.

Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao met with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday.

The China-US economic and trade cooperation is a stabilizing force for the bilateral relations, Wang said, adding that China is willing to work with the United States to create a fair, stable and predictable environment for cooperation between enterprises of the two countries.

During the meeting, the two exchanged views on topics such as Apple's development in China and China-US economic and trade relations.

The Chinese economy has strong resilience, and its long-term sound fundamentals have not changed, Wang said, adding that the country has a huge market scale, a complete industrial system, high-quality human resources, and a stable and open business environment.

China is accelerating the development of innovation-led new quality productive forces and has broad prospects in high-tech fields such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, which means great opportunities for enterprises from all over the world including Apple, according to the commerce minister.

China welcomes Apple to continue to develop its business in China and achieve common development, Wang said.

Cook said that China is an important market and a key supply chain partner for Apple due to its rich talent resources and strong innovation vitality.

Apple remains committed to long-term development in China and will continue to increase investment in the supply chain, research and development, as well as sales in the country, Cook added.

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