Artists go down memory lane to paint a piece of their past

Wang Jie
The exhibition, "A Marvelous Memory," is currently underway at Bund 18 Jiushi Art Center and features a cluster of paintings, installations and sculptures.
Wang Jie
Artists go down memory lane to paint a piece of their past

"Novel: The Budapest Sisters," oil on canvas, by Zhang Zhaoying

Memories always come back to haunt us. Some bear them in minds, others write them down, and even others capture them with their brushstrokes.

"A Marvelous Memory" is an exhibition of paintings, installations and sculptures that is currently on at Bund 18 Jiushi Art Center.

The exhibition, curated by Fiona Lu, features 19 artists born between the 1970s and the 1990s.

Actually, memory is fairly private, and each person has his or her own recollection that may be linked to certain history and reality.

"It appears that the artists are bringing their 'memory samples' in front of the viewers," Lu explained, adding that "the artworks may be dubbed the 'memento' in their life growth."

Artists go down memory lane to paint a piece of their past

"Coastal City," oil on canvas, acrylic and spray paint, by Zheng Zihao

It is strongly advised that visitors remember the word "memento" when appreciating the art pieces on display at the exhibition; otherwise, it will be a bit obscure and difficult to interact with them. Sometimes, the title offers clues to the meaning of the work.

Xuan Chenhao's canvases titled "Jungle Queen's Abdominal Lunch," "Dragon Spine" and "Pearl Chicken Flying into Cactu's Mouth," for example, feature differently colored blocks that occupy the entire canvas at random.

This may allude to the artist's youthful fantasies with boundless imagination.

While Ma Ruocong's "Cherry Boy" or "I Do Hate You" faintly represents the contour of a dog or horse, it may reveal the artist's once turbulent adolescent years.

The canvas created by Zhang Zhaoying is the focus of the exhibition. The artist creates a narrative scene using an arch-shaped design, reminiscent of the movie poster for "The Grand Budapest Hotel."

The three well-shaped young females in nurse costumes in front of the hotel, on the other hand, unintentionally lend a surrealistic air. Perhaps this is a private recollection that only the artist has.

Exhibition info:

Dates: Through November 15 (closed on Mondays), 10am-6pm

Venue: Bund 18 Jiushi Art Gallery

Address: 2/F, 18 Zhongshan Rd E1

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