Ancient village hosts contemporary artworks

Wang Jie
The exhibition "Arts in Motion" distances itself from the modern gallery, and instead explores the 1,000-year-old Huigang Village, integrating itself into the rural surroundings.
Wang Jie
Ancient village hosts contemporary artworks

"The Classic of Mountains and Rivers" (2023), mixed media by Han Fang, Mao Zehao, Duan Guanlai

Ancient village hosts contemporary artworks

"Clown Series" (2021), by Zhu Xi, Edison bulbs, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, lamps, wood

Artwork often encompasses its environment, and an ancient village can render a unique visual impact, far removed from an urban gallery.

"Arts in Motion" is an exhibition underway in Huigang Village, Zhejiang Province. The artworks on display weave their energy into the daily lives of the neighborhood and the rural surroundings.

The millennium-old cultural heritage of Huigang have witnessed drastic social changes over the past centuries, leaving much inspiration for artists to reflect on. The show is a juxtaposition between ancient ethics and values, in the midst of a complex urban-rural transformation.

With the support of Tonglu County government, the project is exploring the possibilities for contemporary art to reach rural areas.

Curated by Hu Dingyu, Huang Yuting and Mao Zehao, "Arts in Motion" has attracted nearly 30 artists, with a wide variety of work. Pieces include sound installations, videos, photography, and mixed media works, exhibited throughout 12 spaces in Huigang Village.

Ancient village hosts contemporary artworks

"The Breath of Galaxy" (2022), mixed media by Wu Yuan'an; lasers, sound, transparent and reflective spheres, and smoke

Ancient village hosts contemporary artworks

"Parallel Flow" (2023), by Liu Zewei, sheets, printed chiffon and bamboo poles

According to Mao, "The project offers a unique visual experience to visitors who might encounter artworks in the fields, inside old traditional architecture, or in a small yard in a resident's home."

"We try to discuss the relations between contemporary art and the rural atmosphere," Mao said. "Sometimes it's gentle and tolerant, and other times tense and confrontational."

"Parallel Flow," an installation created by Liu Zewei, is placed in a field beside a vegetable patch. The work of printed chiffon, sheets and bamboo poles appears to blend harmoniously with its surroundings.

Exhibition info:

Date: Through May 22, 9am-5pm

Address: Huigang Village, Tonglu County, Zhejiang Province


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