Exploring the extraordinary beyond the universe

Wang Jie
Fang Yuan's solo exhibition at Long Museum (West Bund) features over 20 paintings.
Wang Jie
Exploring the extraordinary beyond the universe

"Doomed, Crazy Flower," acrylic on canvas

Exploring the extraordinary beyond the universe

"Long Shadow," 2023, acrylic on canvas

Fang Yuan's solo show at Long Museum (West Bund) runs through March 24.

Yang Jian curated the exhibition, which includes over 20 paintings, some of them done on paper by the artist.

Fang believes her painting's horizontal and vertical movements symbolize life. She feels tremendous emotions as time and space pass, and visions keep entwining.

Born in 1996 in Shenzhen, she graduated from the Visual and Critical Studies Program at the School of Visual Arts in 2019 and was the recipient of the Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement and other scholarships.

She received her MFA from the same institution in 2022.

Growing up in Shenzhen, a special economic zone in southern Guangdong Province, inspired her to adopt a more global and varied view of Western culture and values before relocating to New York at the age of 18.

After arriving in New York, a global and diverse metropolis, the racially sensitive setting made her reconsider her cultural identity and ideology.

Her expatriate experience of yearning for a return and dislocation from her roots has driven her to investigate and actively build her cultural identity.

The artist sees herself as linked to many cultures and identities.

Fang has been exploring the possibility of the extraordinary beyond the universe through body, landscape, space-time, and symbols.

"She reconstructs the connection between abstraction and the surrounding world while emphasizing that, rooted in the experience of reality, there is no such thing as pure form and that the formal nature of abstraction dictates how it reflects the experience of reality," said Yang, the curator.

Exhibit info:

Date: Through March 24 (closed on Mondays), 10am-5:30pm, from Tuesday to Thursday, 10am-8pm, from Friday to Sunday

Venue: Long Museum (West Bund)

Address: 3398 Longteng Avenue

Admission: 100 yuan


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