Qingpu dresses up for the festive season

Hu Min
A host of activities in Qingpu District will give Jiangnan a festive character and enrich the holiday experience.
Hu Min
Qingpu dresses up for the festive season
Ti Gong

Artistic rendering of the Lantern Fair

Diversified activities in Qingpu District will allow people to enjoy the distinctive magnificence of traditional Chinese culture during the holiday season, instilling a strong festive Jiangnan (the lower part of Yangtze River) flavor and improving people's holiday lives.

Lantern Fair

A Spring Festival lantern fair will be held at Qushui Garden, one of the city's five classic gardens, with lotus- and boat-shaped lanterns illuminating the garden when it gets dark.

Hanfu (traditional Han-style dress) fans are welcome to pose for photos at the Yingxi Pavilion.

Date: until February 24.

Venue: Qushui Garden 曲水园

Address: 612 Gongyuan Road 上海青浦区公园路612号

Spring Festival bazaar and traditional celebration activities

A spate of traditional cultural activities will be held in Qiaoziwan Square, which has been adorned with dragon-shaped lanterns.

Traditional Chinese opera performances such as Huju and Yueju opera, dragon dance procession, and Jiangzhou drum performance will provide a calming feast for the eyes and ears.

The spotlight will be on the two Spring Festival fairs. Several pieces on display were made using intangible cultural heritage techniques, including Jingdezhen ceramics and wood carving.

Date: until February 24.

Venue: Qiaoziwan Square 桥梓湾广场

Address: 666 Gongyuan Road 上海市青浦区公园路666号

Qingpu dresses up for the festive season
Ti Gong

Spring Festival flavor in Qingpu

Dragon and lion dance, lantern show

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town will observe the festival with a variety of traditional activities.

Lanterns will be hung in the passageways and along the walls. Parades will include "the God of Fortune," or caishen, dragon and lion dances, waist drums, and lianxiang dance performances.

Spring Festival folk customs events will take place at Apo Tea House.

Date: February 10-14

Venue: Zhujiajiao Ancient Town 朱家角古镇

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