Roadways get a facelift with more green spaces, walking paths and fitness facilities

Zhu Yuting
Qingpu District is developing a number of recreational facilities alongside its roadways, connecting new sporting areas, parks, transport hubs, and walking paths.
Zhu Yuting
Roadways get a facelift with more green spaces, walking paths and fitness facilities
Zhang Qiang

Roadways flanked by pocket gardens provide another visual feast in Qingpu.

Qingpu District is sprucing up its landscape, with many roads renovated with smart devices and pocket gardens added.

For example, Xiayang Lake, the biggest artificial lake in the suburban district, is now surrounded by a variety of plants, flowers and walking paths.

There’s also a library and museum along the side.

Qingpu connects the facilities and functions of the area around the lake with three roads, Qingzhou Road, Huaqing Road S. and Huapu Road S., turning the area into an integrated demonstration zone with multiple functions including sports, reading, walking and leisure.

Smart parking services have been introduced along Qinglong Road on a trial basis. Cameras positioned above help work out the parking fees, making the process easier and convenient.

Near the intersection of Huamin and Qingzhou roads, a pocket park covering an area of 3,971 square meters has been built. The garden features rockery, green plants, benches as well as walking paths, creating a leisure space for residents and visitors to enjoy.

In the past year, 10 roads, namely Qingzhou Road, Huaqing Road S., Huapu Road S., Huale Road, Beidianpuhe Road, Sanyuan Road, Yueying Road, Guanyun Road, Panlongpu Road and Zhaotunpu Road, were renovated across the district, with upgraded carriageways, sidewalks, tactile paving, marking lines and bus waiting facilities.

The district is planning to renovate more roads this year, building more high-quality areas with improved environment coupled with people-oriented facilities and smart functions, according to officials with the Qingpu Road and Transport Center.

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