Shanghai rescue force is back after Zhuozhou mission

Staff reporters
Shanghai's first civil rescue force, Z-Care, returned to Jiading after rescuing over 300 people from flood-ravaged Zhuozhou City in Hebei Province.
Staff reporters
Shanghai rescue force is back after Zhuozhou mission

The Z-Care team poses for a group photo in Zhuozhou City.

Z-Care, Shanghai’s first civil rescue force, returned to Jiading District on August 6 after spending 72 hours rescuing more than 300 people trapped in Hebei Province’s flood-ravaged Zhuozhou City.

The team, comprising seven rescuers and roughly 10 backstage supporters, sprang into action on July 31.

“One of the major challenges we had to overcome was that, in contrast to regular waterlogging, boats are prone to capsize in typhoon-induced floods primarily due to the swift current,” said Liu Shuzhe, a security officer with Z-Care.

The team was able to rescue more than 10 trapped individuals on their first day of arrival from a timber factory.

During the three-day operation in the flood-damaged Taoyuan District, Matou, and Diaowo towns, Z-Care rescued a total of 318 people, including the paralyzed and infants.

Since the end of July, areas in northern China affected by Typhoon Doksuri, as well as areas along the Yellow and Huaihe rivers, have seen excessive rains resulting in floods, geological disasters, and a high number of fatalities.

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