Songjiang company signs 60M yuan chocolate deal at CIIE

Tan Weiyun
The China International Import Expo saw the 1st order of the Songjiang Trading Delegation, when Lyfen, one of China's largest snack producers, signed an order to import chocolates.
Tan Weiyun
Songjiang company signs 60M yuan chocolate deal at CIIE

The 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) saw the first purchase order of the Songjiang Trading Delegation on November 5th. Lyfen, one of China's largest snack producers based in Songjiang, signed an intention order to import chocolates worth 60 million yuan (US$8.2 million).

"As a member of the CIIE purchasing and retailing merchants' alliance, we have been increasing our efforts to strengthen international procurement and upgrade our global supply chain system," said Zhang Lihua, Lyfen vice president and supply chain director.

The purchasing order aims to expand product diversity and give Chinese consumers the opportunity to taste global delicacies at home. Apart from this order, the snack company is expected to sign more high-quality intention orders worth a total of 230 million yuan during the exhibition.

Lyfen was both a purchaser and exhibitor at this high-level opening platform. This year, the company exhibited its import brand Youngme under the theme "Bring Global Delicacies in and Carry Chinese Snacks out".

The company showcased 44 items and three gift boxes from over 20 countries, including 10 popular products and nine bestsellers from three major sub-brands, as well as eight new series and two health-conscious products.

More than 90 percent of the products in Youngme's exhibiting booth are from countries that are part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Yu Ruifen, CEO of Lyfen, stated that this was the company's sixth consecutive year participating at CIIE.

"Relying on the global platform of CIIE, the company deepens its cooperation with more overseas traders, distributors, and franchisees, gets to know the market demand and consumer trends, adjusts and optimizes our product strategies, and improves the supply chain management level," Yu said. "It helps further enhance the brand international influence and competitiveness, and comprehensively deepens the layout of our global strategic development."

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