Milestone openings of med device and eSports parks

Li Xinran
Hongqiao International Innovative Medical Device Industrial Park opened in Jiangqiao Town as, separately, Windfun Digital Park, part of Nanxiang Game Valley, opened in Nanxiang.
Li Xinran

A medical industrial park in Jiangqiao Town and an eSports park in Nanxiang Town were inaugurated on November 8, indicating significant development in the suburban Jiading District.

The Hongqiao International Innovative Medical Industrial Park has a total construction area of 70,000 square meters.

Milestone openings of med device and eSports parks
Li Huacheng

The Hongqiao International Innovative Medical Industrial Park in Jiangqiao Town

As planned, it will provide support and services in technology research and development, purification workshops, public experimental platforms, public sterilization platforms, industry resources, CRO (Contract Research Organization) registration resources, policy and capital matchmaking, administrative logistics, and other aspects for settled enterprises, promoting the growth of startup enterprises and creating innovative medical device transformation and incubation platforms.

“Open surgery was the main clinical surgical method 30 years ago,” said Li Xin, general manager of Shanghai Yingtai Purun Medical Device Co Ltd, an enterprise in the park. “Over the past 10 or 20 years, we have entered an era of intervention where a single catheter can solve many problems.

“We have always believed that the next 10 to 20 years will be a non-invasive era. Therefore, we are now focusing on non-invasive and innovative medical device research and development.”

The park provides a comprehensive engineering transformation platform for enterprises, assisting products to roll off the production line.

“The products we are currently producing are all original, which provides us with the opportunity to engage in the cross cooperation with clinical doctors. This platform can help us to further develop and improve our products based on the feedback and suggestions from clinical doctors,” Li said.

“We expect the new product to be launched in 2026 or 2027, which is six months, or a year, ahead of the original schedule.”

Milestone openings of med device and eSports parks
Wan Yue and Chen Chen

The Windfun Digital Park in Nanxiang Town

In a separate move, an eSports park opened in Nanxiang Town on the same day.

The Windfun Digital Park, the key part of the Nanxiang Game Valley, comprises two office buildings as well as a podium, with a total construction area of around 28,000 square meters, including some 23,000 square meters of offices.

In recent years, Nanxiang has been sharpening its competitive edges in the gaming industry. Some 1,500 gaming enterprises have settled in the town, with its local gaming industry output already accounting for one-quarter of the city’s total.

Nanxiang plans to achieve a total industrial output of 80 billion yuan (US$11.2 billion) and increase its number of gaming and animation enterprises to 1,800 by 2025, and 240 billion yuan and 3,000 firms by 2035.

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