Songjiang Library designated 'First-Class Public Library'

Tan Weiyun
The new library opened to the public in April of this year, situated within the grand Yunjian Cultural and Art Center, where it promotes culture, education, and public welfare.
Tan Weiyun
Songjiang Library designated 'First-Class Public Library'

The new Songjiang Library resembling an upside-down book

Songjiang Library has been awarded the national designation of a "First-Class Public Library," a significant achievement that marks its role in promoting culture, education and public welfare.

The new library opened its doors to the public in April of this year, situated within the grand Yunjian Cultural and Art Center. With a construction area of 15,200 square meters, over 1.1 million books, and more than 1,100 reading seats, the library is an expansive space for residents in the district and beyond.

Upon entering the library, one is greeted with a grand staircase serving as the starting point for visitors to explore the vast array of books and facilities available.

The children's service area is located on the south side of the first floor, designed with a playful touch that features a parent-child reading space, picture book story house, toy book room and digital reading area to meet the reading needs of young readers.

In addition to traditional library services, the facility is home to many advanced technologies, including an automated sorting system that streamlines the book return process for library-goers.

The library is also home to an innovative system of smart shelves that allows readers to search for books by entering keywords or the book title, making it easier for them to navigate the library's vast collection.

The entire library is designed to provide an optimal reading experience for visitors, with many areas set aside to accommodate people with different reading habits. From quiet study rooms to cozy reading corners, to larger discussion spaces, the library caters to the diverse needs of its visitors.

The new library also focuses on providing an interactive and engaging experience by integrating elements of technology throughout the facility. Visitors can utilize interactive and immersive exhibits to learn about books, enjoy story-telling experiences, and more.

The Songjiang Library's old location at 1626 on Renmin Road N. is currently closed for renovations.

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