%Arabica Coffee opens store in Bailian plaza

Zhu Yuting
Arabica Coffee's outlet in Qingpu District's Bailian Outlet Plaza has the appearance of a white automobile with clean and elegant wooden-style design.
Zhu Yuting
%Arabica Coffee opens store in Bailian plaza
Xu Zhe

The %Arabica Coffee store in Bailian Outlet Plaza serves freshly brewed coffee and ice cream.

Coffee aficionados in Qingpu now have another venue after the district’s first %Arabica Coffee opened at Bailian Outlet Plaza.

The coffee shop has the look of a white car with clean and neat wooden-style decoration.

“We serve an average of 300 to 400 people per day, primarily targeting middle-aged and young consumers,” said Zhu Zongliang, the shop’s manager.

Young people nowadays have a strong affinity for coffee, which is not only a beverage but also a consumer experience and a way of life.

“Classic Italian coffee is more popular, and orders are greater among young people.”

The shop not only sells different kinds of coffee, such as Italian-style and custom-made, but also sells ice cream and bread.

It serves two varieties of ice cream, including matcha and coffee, and enriches the drink menu with matcha latte, chocolate latte, and Spanish latte.

The price of beverages (such as coffee) starts at 26 yuan (US$3.65), while snacks such as bread and ice cream range from 16 yuan to 22 yuan.

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