New Year's first month begins with show of royalty and reopen of historic market in Minhang

Yang Yang
The exhibition of Vassal King in Minhang Museum offers visitors a window into the lifestyle of royalty and a 60-year-old market reopened last month in Minhang. Click to learn more.
Yang Yang

A window into the lifestyle of royalty

New Year's first month begins with show of royalty and reopen of historic market in Minhang

The lacquer mirror case with a portrait of Confucius in the Minhang Museum captivates visitors. The earliest known image of Confucius is this depiction of him and his five followers. It was found in the tomb of Liu He (92–59 BC), who was emperor for 27 days during the Han Dynasty (202 BC–AD 220) before being overthrown by powerful ministers. After being exiled to Haihun, now Nanchang, in today's Jiangxi Province, Liu became its Vassal King (Haihunhou). The wealth of burial artifacts in Liu's tomb demonstrates that, despite his unsuccessful rule, he lived a lavish lifestyle in Haihun. Liu's tomb's 110 exquisite relics are on display at the museum till May 19.

Shopping for the New Year

New Year's first month begins with show of royalty and reopen of historic market in Minhang

The traditional New Year's fair at Lanpingji market in Minhang District draws people to stroll through stalls and shop for New Year goods in preparation for the upcoming Spring Festival. The 60-year-old market reopened last month after an 8-month renovation, becoming a new landmark in Jiangchuan Road Subdistrict. With over 70 stalls selling traditional foods, gifts and decorations, the fair offers a colorful and vibrant experience.

News in brief

Key projects signed

Minhang District held a signing ceremony for key industrial projects on January 2. They included Simpure Tech's gas purification equipment production and research project. The total investment in the eight projects amounted to 5 billion yuan (US$695 million) in sectors ranging from digital economy, high-end equipment to integrated circuits. Meanwhile, 10 projects were signed on-site and would be situated in Xinzhuang Town. The district plans to arrange 70 major industrial projects with a total investment of over 80 billion yuan.

Learning from Fengqiao

The Pujiang People's Court, which has jurisdiction over the Pujin Subdistrict and Pujiang Town in Minhang, has been adopting the "Fengqiao experience." The "Fengqiao experience" refers to the grassroots social governance experience in Fengqiao Town in neighboring Zhejiang Province. Through mobilizing and relying on its people, cadres try to solve conflicts on the spot rather than submitting them to higher authorities. The eco-friendly Pujin Subdistrict and Pujiang Town are the major demonstration zones for rural revitalization and urban-rural coordination development in Minhang.

Welcome for students

A welcome ceremony and project roadshow for selected participants in the 18th "Chunhui Cup" China Overseas Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition were held at the Xinmin Overseas Students Innovation Park from December 27 to 29. Award-winning projects came from industrial sectors including biomedicine, electronic information, new energy and energy-saving. Zhou Jiaji, founder and CEO of XYZ Robotics, shared his views on innovation and entrepreneurship in Minhang. This event attracted almost 50 prominent investment institutions and investors.

Drama in Junliu

Junliu Community in Minhang's Zhuanqiao Town is giving residents the chance to watch and perform dramas in their neighborhood. The community has enrolled 15 residents in a drama club which held its first course in voice, speech, movement and acting. Under the guidance of professional teachers, the students are now able to independently practice basic drama skills.

Caring for elderly

To meet the specialized care needs of elderly people with cognitive disorders, Minhang's civil affairs department is promoting the renovation of nursing home beds for cognitive disorder care. Seventeen nursing homes in the district have set up specialized areas, with a total of 1,171 beds in 76 units. The nursing homes' cognitive disorder care area is constructed in a standardized "memory home" style where doctors, nurses and caregivers are available to provide high quality services that include daily care, cleaning, preventive health, recreational activities, as well as psychological and mental support.

Hospital growing

The Eye and ENT Hospital of Fudan University reported that the second phase of its Pujiang branch had officially started construction. The project at 2600 Jiangyue Road /22 Purui Road, has a total construction area of 67,000 square meters. It is expected to improve the medical environment and enhance the level of scientific research and education.

Minhang Today

Fifteen residents from Minhang use "Highland Chicken," a type of chicken raised in Yunnan Province's Baoshan County, to cook delicious dishes on the first working day of the year to celebrate the friendship between Baoshan and Minhang.

On the first day of the new year, a total of 67 couples registered their marriages at the Minhang District Marriage Registration Center.

Hello Bike has donated helmets to students at Shanghai Normal University Affiliated Kangcheng Experimental School and Xin Song Primary School, calling on the public to pay attention to the safety of minors on bicycles.

A special kind of plum flower, the Dragon Swimming plum, blossomed in the Plum Garden in Xinzhuang Town in early January, attracting many shutterbugs to post pictures online.

Minhang Culture

New Year's first month begins with show of royalty and reopen of historic market in Minhang
Ti Gong

Nanzhang Catholic Church was completed in the autumn of 1902. The south-facing main hall features stained glass windows depicting Bible stories. The only Roman-style courtyard church in the Shanghai area was designated an outstanding contemporary historical building by the Shanghai government in 1999.

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