Children explore science in winter class

Yang Yang
A wide range of science education activities are offered during the winter class in Wujing Town, allowing children to experience cutting-edge technology.
Yang Yang

Kids explore science in winter class

Children explore science in winter class
Ti Gong

Children proudly show the LEGO robots they assembled during the winter class at Wujing Town of Minhang District. A wide range of science education activities are offered during the class, allowing children to gain a more direct understanding of transmission systems and experiencing cutting-edge technology.

News in brief

CBD soars in Hongqiao

Hongqiao International Central Business District of Minhang has achieved remarkable results in the past year. So far, there are about 25,000 registered enterprises and more than 250 domestic and foreign headquarters enterprises. From January to December 2023, the CBD had achieved a tax revenue of 10.06 billion yuan (US$1.49 billion), a year-on-year increase of 46.7 percent. The CBD will focus on developing biopharmaceutical and new energy industries, both of which have the potential to reach hundreds of billions of yuan in value.

Tech-friendly NeoBay

Scientists, entrepreneurs and investors have made up the three major mainstream groups in the innovation and entrepreneurship belt around universities in the Grand NeoBay in south Minhang. In its core area, 16 parks with a total of about 560,000 square meters of space have been put into use, forming a vibrant, comfortable and business-friendly open innovation block. The Grand NeoBay has attracted more than 4,000 hard-tech enterprises, including 112 companies valued at over 100 million yuan each and 30 companies valued at over 1 billion yuan.

Buses upgraded

The Pujiang Route 13, 10B, and Minhang Route 11 bus lines operated by Shanghai Minhang Passenger Transport Co have been upgraded to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. This is also the first batch of hydrogen fuel cell bus lines put into operation in Minhang. Hydrogen fuel cell buses are noted for their zero emissions, low noise, and stable and enduring operation. Previously, pure electric vehicles required a warming-up process in extremely cold weather, which could take 30 to 40 minutes before normal charging could begin. Now, with the use of hydrogen fuel, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to refuel, and a fully-charged bus can normally operate for a day, with a range of 400 to 500 kilometers daily.

Grand sports park

The Grand NeoBay Sports Park (provisional name), covering an area of about 25,000 square meters, is expected to be completed in the third quarter of this year. The park extends from Hengjing River in the east to Humin Road in the west, from the Huayi plot in the south to Jianchuan Road in the north, with a total land area of 24,932 square meters. After completion, it will feature tennis courts, standard football fields and other sports facilities, combined with fitness trails and the Hengjing River Science and Technology Innovation Waterfront to greatly enrich the leisure life of science and technology talent and residents in the area.

Applications open

The Lanping campus of the Seniors University of Minhang, located near the Grand NeoBay Library, plans to launch five premium courses – calligraphy, painting, traditional Chinese Medicine and pour-over coffee – by March 2024. Women over 50 years of age and men over 55 years of age, who are physically and mentally healthy, are welcomed to apply. Applicants over the age of 75 require a commitment form signed by their family members. The application period ends at midnight on February 25 on the "Suishenban" online system, the city government public service platform.

Minhang Today

Evergreen City Farm at 126 Kangjia Lane of Huacao Town in Minhang District has welcomed a bumper strawberry harvest. The strawberries, red and lustrous, with a rich and sweet fragrance, attract citizens to come and pick even on weekdays. The picking season usually lasts from now until the end of May.

As a key urban renewal project in Shanghai, the ancient town of Zhaojialou is currently in its early stage of land development and is expected to be renovated overall by the end of 2028. As the Spring Festival is approaching, consumers can purchase traditional festive items such as pork skin, fresh meat, bamboo shoot dumplings, pickled vegetables, and salted pork knuckles at the commercial plaza located only 1.1 kilometers away from the ancient town, at 121 Jiangwen Road in Pujang Town.

During the Spring Festival, locals in Shanghai always enjoy a plate of Eight Treasures Rice. This year, Ji Ji Xiang Steamed Cake, located in Zhuanqiao Town, is introduced their Wumi Eight Treasures Rice (wumi is the sorghum, corn, or rice with fungus on top). Shen Jing, owner of the steamed cake store and inheritor of the traditional technique for Zhuanqiao Steamed Cake, soaks glutinous rice in oriental blueberry leaf juice and adds a small amount of high-concentration white wine to enhance the flavor.

The former site of Shanghai Puci Sanatorium

Children explore science in winter class
Ti Gong

In 1933, the famous entrepreneur and philanthropist Lu Bohong (1876-1937) initiated a fundraising campaign to establish the Puci Sanatorium on the Beiqiao section of Humin Road. Nine two-story old buildings and a former church building are still preserved on the site. Beginning in 1958, it became the Minhang branch of the Shanghai Mental Health Center. In May 2014, it was listed as a cultural heritage protection unit by the Shanghai Municipal Government.

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