Puppet performance delights children in hospital

Yang Yang
On March 5, a team of puppetry students perform puppet shows for children and parents at a local hospital in Minhang District.
Yang Yang
Puppet performance delights children in hospital
Ti Gong

Puppets delight kids

On March 5, a special day to promote the altruism and kindness of Lei Feng, China's altruism icon, a team of puppetry students from Shanghai Theater Academy and their instructors visit the outpatient clinic of the Children's Hospital affiliated with Fudan University in Minhang District and perform puppet shows for children and parents. This marks the team's 13th consecutive year of performing at the children's hospital.

News in brief

Rooms get ready

Renovations to a 123-room building at 658 Beisong Road, known as New Era Builders and Managers Home Zhuanqiao branch, are now complete. The rooms are expected to gradually open to the public by the end of March. Each room has an open-style small kitchen, cabinets, cupboards, sink, washing machine, refrigerator and other necessary home appliances and furniture. Rents range from 1,000 yuan (US$139) per bed for a double-bed room to 600 yuan per bed for a triple-bed room. The building caters to the needs of frontline workers in the urban development and basic public service industries and aims to provide them with a warm and comfortable place to live.

'Billion-yuan buildings'

By the end of 2023, Hongqiao Town saw the emergence of 15 "billion-yuan buildings," referring to buildings with an annual tax revenue exceeding 1 billion yuan. Among them are the Ting Hsin International Business Plaza, where the Master Kong headquarters are located, and the factory of the longstanding "billion-yuan building" Want Want Group. Three of these buildings are in the Caohejing Technology Green Zone, with Signify being one of them. Hongqiao embarked on a path of deep urbanization in the 1990s. Efforts were made to enhance the overall appeal of the area by renovating and upgrading old buildings, greening industrial parks, and improving office auxiliary facilities.

Signing up

The "Invest in Qianwan" 2024 Huacao Town Business Environment Optimization and Investment Promotion Conference was held on February 26. Eight companies, including GF Group Co (Uniqlo), Shanghai JMT Bio Pharmaceutical Co and Guoquan Food (Shanghai) Co signed contracts to expand business in sectors such as biopharmacy, new energy and materials and modern finance. At the same time, Huacao introduced its 2.0 version of business-friendly policies. The upgraded policies place a greater emphasis on addressing the needs of enterprises, continuously deepening the scope of services provided. By facilitating connections and solving practical issues, the revised policies aim to foster mutually beneficial partnerships between upstream and downstream enterprises.

Time for tunes

Employees from Shanghai Ethnic Musical Instruments Factory Co introduced traditional Chinese musical instruments such as the guzheng, pipa and erhu to students of 25 primary and secondary schools as well as kindergartens in Qibao Town recently. Their "Dunhuang National Music, Art Education in Qibao" program is tailored to students of different age groups. In addition to learning about Chinese traditional music and enjoying performances, students have the opportunity to interact with instrument makers.

Open all hours

Minhang Cultural Park is extending opening hours from 9pm to midnight this month, with plans for 24-hour access in April, allowing citizens to admire the magnolia blossoms under the night sky. Shanghai is promoting round-the-clock park access this year, aiming to turn the city into a large park. Minhang Cultural Park spans around 82.98 hectares, bigger than the total area of all the parks in some downtown districts.

Food &TCM

Editor's note:

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes harmony with nature and seasonal changes in diet and lifestyle. It suggests by aligning diet and lifestyle with the 24 solar terms, individuals can optimize their well-being, promote balance within the body and enhance harmony with the changing rhythms of nature. In this food column you gain insight into food and TCM guidance on health maintenance.

Puppet performance delights children in hospital
Ti Gong

Loquat, Pear and Kumquat Soup

Health maintenance during the jingzhe

Jingzhe (惊蛰), or Awakening of Insects period, is one of the 24 solar terms that fell on March 5 this year.

Jingzhe reflects the state where organisms are in natural sprout. During this time, yang (阳), or warm, energy is rising, temperature turns warm, with frequent thundering weathers and more rainfall. It is now proper time for agriculture events.

People may feel more easily fatigued. It is advisable to develop a habit of going to bed and waking up early during this period. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes gradual and moderate exercise such as walking, jogging and tai chi, instead of vigorous sweating exercises.

It is also recommended to consume nourishing yin (阴), or cool, foods, such as pears, tremella, Chinese yam and honey, spicy foods like celery, coriander, spring onion, shiitake mushrooms, ginger and a moderate amount of Sichuan peppercorn.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is said that as the spring qi (春气) energy strengthens, the liver qi (肝气) also becomes more active, affecting emotions. Therefore, it is recommended to engage in positive activities such as outdoor excursions, maintain a regular sleep schedule and listen to music.

The recipe for Loquat, Pear and Kumquat Soup is a suitable option for health maintenance during the jingzhe. It can improve appetite and digestion, and relieve thirst and phlegm.

Puppet performance delights children in hospital
Ti Gong

'Four-sided Hall'

Minhang Culture

'Four-sided Hall'

The building in Qibao Town is commonly known as the "Four-sided Hall" due to its exposure to winds from all directions. The existing structure was rebuilt during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and designated as a cultural heritage protected unit in Minhang District in 1996. The building faces west and has a square layout with a single-story brick and wood structure. It has a width and depth of three bays each, with canopy windows on all four sides, featuring carvings of pastoral scenes and shepherds on the lintels.

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