Popular British TV series adapted into immersive play

Ma Yue
The acclaimed British television series "Inside No. 9" has been transformed into an immersive theater with three riveting storylines in China.
Ma Yue

The popular British TV series "Inside No. 9" has been adapted into an immersive live theater performance at Shanghai Grand Theater's specially created "Space 9."

The play will run until the end of February.

Three "Inside No. 9" stories will be performed live for the audience. Those who are unfamiliar with the British black comedy anthology can enjoy it without difficulty. The specially designed seats and stages will provide audiences with a one-of-a-kind immersive theater experience.

Written by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton and produced by the BBC, "Inside No. 9" premiered in 2014 to positive reviews.

The stage adaptation of "Inside No. 9" consists of three independent storylines full of suspense and reversal. Audiences are led to three separate locations to "see" each story and experience the thrill of brainstorming.

The "Space 9" on Grand Theater's 5th level used to be the theater's New Box for small-scale stage shows. A three-month renovation rearranged the rehearsal hall, backstage, and other spaces. The elevators and corridors have also been given a British makeover to match "Inside No. 9."

Popular British TV series adapted into immersive play
Ti Gong

The theater version of "Inside No. 9" consists of three independent stories.

"New performing arts spaces are emerging in Shanghai," said Zhang Xiaoding, general manager of the Shanghai Grand Theater. "We've been thinking about bringing in a popular resident show and taking advantage of the Grand Theater's space.

"'Inside No. 9' is a popular IP, and we hope it will help bring more fans to the theater."

Zhao Miao, a Chinese director, localized the British anthology.

"The sense of immersion is represented not just in the scenery but also in audiences' feelings of being 'wrapped' in the show and the space," Zhao said. "The audience will experience different directional perspectives by watching from different positions."

Popular British TV series adapted into immersive play
Ti Gong

The audience is guided to three different spaces in "Space 9" during the performance.

Performance info

Dates: Through February 29, 2pm/2:50pm/7:30pm/8:20pm

Tickets: 489-589 yuan

Venue: Shanghai Grand Theater 上海大剧院

Address: 300 People's Ave 人民大道300号

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