Join the city's late autumn Maillard trend

Li Fei
The "Maillard Style," which takes its cues from steak browning, is becoming increasingly popular. Shanghai has many Maillard-inspired restaurants, fashion, and exhibitions.
Li Fei

Have you embraced this autumn's biggest fashion trend in the city? Styled after the browning reaction seen on steaks, the "Maillard Style" has seen an incredible rise in popularity since September.

The city is replete with examples of the Maillard trend in cuisine, fashion, and exhibitions.

Join the city's late autumn Maillard trend
Ti Gong

The Maillard-style block at the Shanghai Grand Gateway 66

Maillard-trend Festival at Shanghai Grand Gateway 66

Under the theme of "Gateway To Inspiration," Shanghai Grand Gateway 66 celebrated its anniversary with a Maillard-style block, Maillard-colored products, and stars sharing Maillard-trend insights at the Maillard Festival.

Join the city's late autumn Maillard trend

Visitors at the Maillard Festival.

Join the city's late autumn Maillard trend
Ti Gong

Chinese pop star Jike Junyi promotes the festival.

The Maillard-style block provided late-Autumn treats in collaboration with GQ China. The Sweet Food Store sells candied chestnuts and dried sweet potatoes. The Fruit Store and T9 Tea offered non-alcoholic fruit hot red wine, satisfying taste and sight.

Long lines formed at BANG's "Morning C Evening A Service Station," where consumers enjoyed coffee and excellent wine in a fashionable lifestyle journey.

Customers enjoyed the scent of freshly baked delicacies and a Maillard-inspired autumn experience at the "Autumn Bakery" with French baking brand Golomici by FASCINO TASTE, which introduced new unique items and two popular limited edition autumn breads.

Opening hours: 10am-10pm

Venue: Shanghai Grand Gateway 66

Address: 1 Hongqiao Rd

"Say Cheese" exhibition on Yuyuan Road

The plane trees along Yuyuan Road started to assume a golden hue, akin to the well-known Maillard effect. Under the plane trees is the first-ever Tom and Jerry's Cheese Day exhibition in the world. Tom and Jerry "showed up" at the exhibition.

The display features hundreds of "Say Cheese" pictures of locals, pets, and even Tom and Jerry. There are also Tom and Jerry's limited edition goods available.

Join the city's late autumn Maillard trend

Tom and Jerry popped up to "Say Cheese."

Join the city's late autumn Maillard trend

Limited products of Tom and Jerry

Date: 10am-6pm, through November 19

Venue: Creater Space

Address: 2/F, 1107 Yuyuan Rd

Maillard delicacies at "French House"

How would one begin an autumnal French Maillard feast? You can find the answer at the French House. A Provence-style food market has recently opened on Jinxian Road in Shanghai as part of the French House's pop-up French-style workshop, which offers various experiences using French ingredients.

Join the city's late autumn Maillard trend

The Aoste dry sausage goes well with cheese.

Join the city's late autumn Maillard trend

The Maillard-colored sausage is a good autumn snack.

You may find the recipes and workshop details on their website "Taste France." They have suggested a number of French-style dishes for this autumn in line with the Maillard trend.

Aoste saucisson is a traditional French food. The word "saucisson" comes from the French word "dry sausage," which is made mostly of fatback or belly meat to fill in the spaces created by leaner, harder hog parts like leg or shank flesh. After being crushed together, it is seasoned with salt, sugar, local spices, and occasionally garlic. Because of the fermentation process, the saucisson has a delicate chew and a white, sticky surface.

Yabon's French Semolina Cake, which has more than 70 percent milk, has a gorgeous sun-set tint. Semolina, which is really just a kind of flour manufactured from durum wheat, is somewhat coarser than regular flour and, when baked, can take on a darker, more golden hue.

Join the city's late autumn Maillard trend

The French Semolina Cake

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