Hermès introduces Spring-Summer 2024 collections

Tan Weiyun
The pieces embody the spirit of spring and summer through their use of fabrics, colors, and styles, catering to both genders with traditional elegance and contemporary boldness.
Tan Weiyun

Luxury fashion house Hermès has introduced its Spring-Summer 2024 collections, marked by an enchanting mix of lightness, freedom, and innovative design. The collections embody the spirit of spring and summer through their use of fabrics, colors, and styles, catering to both men and women with a blend of traditional elegance and contemporary boldness.

Hermès introduces Spring-Summer 2024 collections

Hermès Spring-Summer 2024 Fashion Show @Villa Eugénie.

The Women's Collection for Spring-Summer 2024 is a poetic representation of freedom and comfort, mirroring the ease of a meadow in spring. It features garments that protect without concealing, enveloping the wearer in a gentle embrace that enhances rather than restricts movement.

Key pieces include equestrian-inspired pea coats paired with silk knit miniskirts, cashmere and silk coats, cotton canvas dresses with intricate embroidery, and apron-style jackets. The collection plays with contrasts in fabric and shade, introducing unexpected pairings that challenge conventional fashion norms.

Hermès introduces Spring-Summer 2024 collections
Dham Srifuengfung

Hermès' Spring-Summer 2024 fashion show

The Men's Collection for Summer 2024 is characterized by its architectural approach to clothing, where each piece is crafted with a focus on innovative cuts, textures, and layering. The collection offers a range of garments including shorts, jackets, and trench coats, alongside summer tunics and beach blazers made from technical fabrics with parasol stripes. The colors are predominantly mineral tones, including desert, steam, ice, sage, and a range of other subtle hues, creating a palette that is both earthy and sophisticated.

The collection also showcases a diverse range of fabrics and styles, from Sport calfskin blousons with colored wave topstitching to overshirts in Plume nubuck calfskin. Other highlights include reversible hooded blousons in rubberized lambskin, raincoats in water-repellent compact cotton serge, and silk and cotton shirts with intricate prints.

Hermès introduces Spring-Summer 2024 collections
Studio des Fleurs

The Fonsbelle Chaîne bag

In terms of accessories, the collection highlights the exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs that the brand is renowned for.

The Fonsbelle Chaîne bag in box calfskin is a modern reimagining of a classic 1970 design by Henri d'Origny. This structured bag features expert leather craftsmanship, a chain strap that echoes the clasp motif, and a hidden flap mirror for added functionality.

The Hermès Flagship scarf, a 90 cm silk twill piece, was artistically designed by artist Dimitri Rybaltchenko. It showcases a majestic flagship set against a backdrop of celestial beings and Greek gods, encapsulating a journey across the oceans with a Faubourg Saint-Honoré essence.

In the jewelry segment, the Sac bijou (jewel bag) Chaîne d'ancre in silver stands out. This collection, inspired by Robert Dumas' 1938 creation, offers a contemporary twist on the classic Chaîne d'ancre link. It includes intricately designed double chain and double tour bracelets in silver and rose gold, and features a necklace, cuff, and ring with intertwined silver links. The collection merges punk influences with organic forms, highlighted by innovative double and triple rings.

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