New technology helps oncology diagnosis and treatment

Cai Wenjun
ImmunoPET can become important in precise medicine, especially in oncology.
Cai Wenjun

ImmunoPET can become  important in precise medicine, especially in oncology, medics from Shanghai’s Renji Hospital said.

Their research explores a new theory of ImmunoPET (Positron Emission Computed Tomography), its pre-clinical development and latest developments in clinical use. They also predicted the applicable fields for the technology in the future.

The article was published in Chemical Reviews.

Dr Liu Jianjun, director of Renji’s nuclear medicine department, said nuclear medicine is playing a more important role in precise diagnosis on major diseases like cancer. “Traditional imaging technology can’t forecast or evaluate some targeted therapy. So ImmunoPET is developed to identify cancer, evaluate specific pathological processes in real-time and treatment effects,” he said.

In the research, experts used ImmunoPET to study the two medicines on patients with lung cancer and breast cancer.

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