City smart transport app launches new service for CIIE visitors

Zhu Yuting
CIIE visitors and participants can use Suishenxing, Shanghai's intelligent transportation platform, for travel and other relevant information, including restaurants.
Zhu Yuting
City smart transport app launches new service for CIIE visitors

A designated zone on Suishenxing, the city's all-in-one travel service platform, has been launched to serve the 6th CIIE.

Suishenxing, Shanghai's intelligent transportation platform, has launched a special service for the 6th China International Import Expo next month.

Exhibitors, visitors and relevant personnel can now use the Suishenxing app or its miniprogram on WeChat to obtain all traffic and travel information and services for getting to the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the venue for the annual expo.

Users can not only view the information, which includes bus lines, shuttles to Metro stops and hotels, parking lots, and taxi pick-up spots but also reserve some of the services, such as parking and purchasing shuttle bus tickets, through the app.

Visitors can automatically acquire numerous trip options after entering the NECC's address as the departure location or destination into the app. The app will also display the current position and anticipated arrival time of buses and subways.

Visitors who wish to drive to the venue can book a parking space and pay the fees through Suishenxing.

This year, 19 parking lots around the National Exhibition and Convention Center have been secured, providing approximately 1,000 parking spaces for coaches and 1,900 parking spaces for other vehicles.

By checking in to the portal until November 1, each user will receive five travel coupons that are valid for one week. Suishenxing has released a total of 250,000 vouchers.

Those who travel to the event in an environmentally responsible manner, such as via Metro or public transportation buses, can earn "green credits." Users can exchange their credits for presents or discount vouchers at the company's online store.

Suishenxing was launched with basic capabilities such as public transportation, taxi hailing and smart parking.

It was first put into use in October last year, running on Shanghai's Mobility as a Service (MaaS) technology.

The city plans to wraps up the building of a greener, smarter, more people-oriented transportation system within 10 years.

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