Shanghai adds 230km of greenways, with more leisure paths for residents

Hu Min
Shanghai added 231.26 kilometers of new greenways this year, meeting the annual target of 200 kilometers. It brings residents more leisure paths amidst plants, rivers and forests.
Hu Min

Shanghai has added new greenways, totaling 231.26 kilometers this year, accomplishing the annual target of 200 kilometers, the city's greenery authorities announced on Tuesday.

The additional strips bring the total length of the city's greenways to 1,769km, the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau announced.

Greenways in the city are paths for leisure and exercise amidst trees, flowers, water and other natural resources. They include paths in gardens and forests, as well as along rivers and roads.

They link diversified natural and cultural landscapes and bear various functions like fitness, ecological protection and tourism, according to the bureau.

These "green arteries" string not only the city's green and ecological spaces, but also residents' expectations for a beautiful life, officials said.

The greenways are lined with diverse plants such as cherry blossoms, maples, soapberries and hydrangea, presenting an enchanting scenery in different seasons and adding a splash of color to the city.

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