Livestreaming platform regulations updated

Hu Min
Shanghai's market regulators have amended livesteaming regulations with an emphasis on data collection and platforms' responsibilities.
Hu Min

Shanghai's market regulators modified a rule on livesteaming marketing platforms on Tuesday.

Sun Xiaoxia, deputy director of Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation's advertisement supervision and management department, said the amendment specifies livestreaming platforms' responsibilities and data collection.

The new guideline states that platforms should "patrol" and review livestreaming content and take immediate action to eliminate illegal marketing and the sale of banned products.

Livestreamer account registration review and administration should be improved, and livestreamers found guilty of serious violations or societal harm should be blacklisted and exposed to other livestreaming operators and service agencies.

The updated guideline requires them to respect consumer rights and personal data.

Platforms must obtain consumer authorization before collecting personal data and cannot use it for purposes unrelated to their services.

It emphasizes protecting kids and prohibits livestreaming sites from hiring under-10s as advertising endorsers.

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