So many ways to celebrate the upcoming New Year

Hu Min
Shanghai tops list of favored destinations with bookings for amusement parks, including the Shanghai Disney Resort, soaring over the holiday period compared to last year.
Hu Min

How will you celebrate the New Year 2024? A countdown concert, a fireworks show, or watching the sunrise?

Travelers have revealed their answers with Shanghai topping the list of domestic destinations.

Based on the latest statistics, light and fireworks shows, concerts and bell-tolling ceremonies are the most popular ways to celebrate the holiday, travel operators revealed.

In the most recent week, the popularity index of amusement parks soared with Shanghai Disney Resort recording a 150 percent surge from a week earlier, making Shanghai the most popular tourist destination during the holiday, according to online travel review site Mafengwo.

The world's first Zootopia-themed land officially opened to the public at Shanghai Disney Resort on Wednesday, further boosting its popularity.

Other popular options are hearing the bell ring at the Bell Tower of Xi'an in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, taking a cruise trip on Guangzhou's iconic Zhujiang River, or watching a fireworks show in China's Macau Special Administrative Region.

There are other romantic choices for those pursuing a sense of ritual.

Among them, the popularity of Mohe, the best place to watch the aurora and polar day and night in China in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, and easternmost Dongfushan Island in Zhejiang Province, which is believed to be where "the first ray of sunshine" falls on China, surged 125 and 66 percent respectively, according to Mafengwo.

Shanghai-based online travel operator said it had witnessed a 300 percent increase in domestic travel orders for the holiday as of mid-December compared with the same period last year.

The majority came from the younger generation with the post-00s and post-90s accounting for 66 percent of the total, it said.

Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Harbin and Chengdu are the most popular destinations during the holiday, according to

Scenic areas such as Yellow Mountain are favored by young travelers who will celebrate the first day of the year by hiking.

Fireworks shows at the Shanghai Disney Resort and light shows at Canton Tower are also popular options.

Bookings for amusement parks over the holiday have grown 450 percent from the same period last year, it said.

Concerts have pushed up the bookings of hotels near concert venues as well. Some hotels near the Baoneng Guangzhou Arena in Guangdong Province, which will host concerts by Hong Kong singer Eason Chan, have been sold out.

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