Ride-hailing app services suspended at Pudong Airport

Ke Jiayun
Shanghai authorities have banned ride-hailing apps from picking up incoming passengers at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
Ke Jiayun
Ride-hailing app services suspended at Pudong Airport

Ride-hailing services have been suspended at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

To promote smooth and orderly traffic at the airport, particularly during the Spring Festival travel rush, ride-hailing vehicles are barred from Pudong Airport and neighboring areas, according to a pop-up notice on ride-hailing Apps.

The platforms have been instructed to monitor their drivers.

Local traffic authorities warned that app drivers would face legal consequences if caught picking up passengers at Pudong.

According to The Paper, the Shanghai Road Transport Administrative Bureau confirmed that the notification was genuine.

A local online ride-hailing platform also confirmed that it had received the aforementioned notification.

According to an officer with the Road Transport Administration Bureau, Shanghai issued regulations on the management of online ride-hailing services in 2016, which stated that ride-hailing platforms are not permitted to publish ride-hailing information at airports and railway station areas.

It is illegal for online ride-hailing drivers to pick up customers in these places.

The officer stated that the latest notice was a reaffirmation of these regulations.

Major ride-hailing apps have already ceased accepting passengers at Pudong Airport.

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