Traditional experiences enjoyed by expats at Yuyuan Garden

Yu Wenhao Zhu Yile
Over 100 expats from around the world enjoyed cultural activities at the popular Shanghai landmark with particular interest shown in dragons ahead of the Year of the Dragon.
Yu Wenhao Zhu Yile

Over 100 expats from more than 30 countries explored Shanghai's cultural heritage at Yuyuan Garden. They immersed themselves in activities that included paper cutting, crafting sugar figurines, and making fragrant sachets, expressing a keen interest in Chinese traditions, especially the iconic dragon. The visit also included an enchanting experience at the Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival, fostering a vibrant exchange of cultures.

Shot by Yu Wenhao. Edited by Yu Wenhao. Reported by Zhu Yile. Subtitles by Yu Wenhao.

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