Hypocrisy of foreign politicians criticized

Hong Kong government refuted some foreign politicians' comments as "double standards and hypocrisy" on the security legislation for the HKSAR.

The government of China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Monday refuted some foreign politicians’ comments as “double standards and hypocrisy” on the Chinese national legislature’s national security legislation for the HKSAR.

“Even the provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights stipulate that international covenants on rights and freedoms cannot undermine national security,” said a spokesman of the HKSAR government.

Much of the criticism and commentary from the foreign politicians and pundits is “no more than alarmist speculation and innuendo that completely ignore the constitutional reality that Hong Kong is an inalienable part of China,” the spokesman pointed out, stressing that Hong Kong “cannot and must never become a base for subversive activities or organizations seeking to destabilize our country.”

“No country would or could turn a blind eye to a resurgence of the violence and anarchy that has plagued our society for almost a year,” the spokesman said. “Those who claim to be acting in Hong Kong’s best interests turn a blind eye to the explosives, petrol bombs, firearms, weapons, attacks on bystanders, wanton vandalism, online trolling and disinformation campaigns used by radical protesters and their hidden handlers to stoke fear and chaos and destabilize society.”

The spokesman emphasized that the legitimate rights and freedoms enjoyed by Hong Kong residents under the law and independent judicial power will not be affected. Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy and the cardinal principle of “Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong” will remain intact.

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