Changes to train-taking rules from July 1

Chen Huizhi
According to the new rules, trigger sprayers containing stuff with inflammable substances, such as perfume and toilet water, will be allowed on trains.
Chen Huizhi

Starting from July 1, passengers will be able to carry some previously banned objects when riding trains within China.

According to the new rules that take effect from July 1, trigger sprayers containing objects with inflammable substances, such as perfume, toilet water, hydration products and disinfection gel, will be allowed to be taken onto the trains.

However, each passenger can bring only one bottle up to 100 milliliters of each of such objects.

Meanwhile, passengers will be able to bring up to 50ml of nail polish instead of 20ml at the moment, and the limit on the volume of styling mousse and hair gel will be increased from 120ml to 150ml.

Passengers still cannot carry unpacked wine but they will be able to bring up to 3,000ml of drinks with alcohol content of 24 percent to 70 percent.

Chargers and lithium cells of up to 100wh each are allowed on trains, which means that passengers can bring popular chargers of 20,000mAh with them.

The new rules continue the ban on objects with strong pungent smell or stink or those that "are given to causing panic among passengers."

Although knives are still banned on trains, passengers will now be able to consign certain knives of daily use in separate luggage.

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