Beijing watchdog probes restaurant over hygiene and safety issues

Wang Qingchu
An undercover report found numerous food safety and hygiene issues at blue frog's Chaoyang District outlet. Beijing's market watchdog is investigating.
Wang Qingchu

The market watchdog in Beijing has launched an investigation into popular chain restaurant, blue frog, after an undercover report revealed a slew of food safety and hygiene issues at its outlet in Chaoyang District.

An undercover report by Beijing Radio and Television Network in early February revealed that the blue frog restaurant at U Town Mall in Chaoyang District used rotten and black mangoes and avocados to make salad and served dishes with expired vegetables.

Staff were filmed changing the expiration date labels and cleaning a knife and a garbage can with the same wipes.

The same sink was used to wash vegetables and the mop bucket.

The restaurant was forced to close its doors after the scandal broke.

According to its website, blue frog has over 75 bars and grills in key business and community districts across 15 major Chinese cities.

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