"A New Dawn" Season 2: From campus to countryside

Dai Qian Hu Jun Zhou Shengjie Alexander Bushroe
Join us for an inspiring journey to Ningxia, where a group of young volunteers from Shanghai have been bringing knowledge and hope to children in remote areas for 24 years.
Dai Qian Hu Jun Zhou Shengjie Alexander Bushroe

Shot by Hu Jun, Zhou Shengjie and Dai Qian. Edited by Lv Zhixiao. Reported by Alexander Bushroe. Subtitles by Wang Xinzhou.

In Northwestern China, the lack of education resources in remote areas remains a challenge. However, a group of young volunteers from Fudan University in Shanghai have been traveling to these regions for 24 years to bring knowledge and hope to the children there.

In this video, we follow the journey of Lin Botao, a graduate of the School of Management in Fudan University, to Xihaigu of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. We see firsthand how these volunteers have helped transform the education landscape in the area, particularly in Wangmin Middle School where Lin taught.

Join us as we explore the inspiring stories of these volunteers and learn about the transformative power of education.

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