Overseas beneficiaries express appreciation for BRI

Chinese firms share tech and expertise with BRI partners, upholding mutual development.

Upholding the Belt and Road Initiative's commitment to mutual benefit and common development, Chinese companies have been sharing their technology and experience with BRI partner countries. Cooperative projects they assisted in, especially infrastructure construction, have created job opportunities and brought convenience to local people.

Overseas interviewees have expressed their appreciation during a special program, "Along the Silk Road•24-Hour Live Stream" hosted by China News Service to mark the 10th anniversary of the initiative, as the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was convened in Beijing on Wednesday.

The Bejaia Highway in Algeria was a project co-constructed by China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC).

Hillal Eddine Baghrich, a local engineer in Algeria, joined the CRCC in 2019 and participated in the construction of the Sidi Aich Tunnel, part of the Bejaia Highway project.

Overseas beneficiaries express appreciation for BRI
Ti Gong

Hillal Eddine Baghrich, a local engineer in Algeria.

The project begins from the Port of Bejaia port in the north and connects with the East-West Highway, a project also constructed by the CRCC. The construction was difficult because of local soil conditions, but Hillal and his colleagues managed to solve them.

Hillal said that he has found answers to why roads built by Chinese companies are of high quality.

"The key to their success is teamwork, communication, and punctuality. In the face of difficulties, they always have unexpected solutions and everyone treats the projects as their own and the site as their home," he said.

"I know there is an old Chinese saying: 'Build a road first if you want to get rich.' When roads are built, hearts are connected," he added.

In 2012, China Jushi set up a production base in Egypt. Shen Linhong, deputy director of the public utility support center went to Egypt with the most advanced utility technologies and management of China's glass fiber industry to support the development of Jushi Egypt.

Overseas beneficiaries express appreciation for BRI
Ti Gong

Usama (right) from Egypt and Shen Linhong from China.

In Egypt, he coached a number of Egyptian workers, teaching them utility management skills.

Usama is one of them. They kept in touch after Shen returned to China. "Despite a six-hour time difference between us, hearing news from him about Jushi Egypt utility department always fills me with excitement," Shen said.

In 2023, Usama came to China for further training and their mentorship continued. Shen again generously shares with him the latest utility technologies and his personal experience, including energy control, environmental protection technology, safety operation, and utility management. Shen said he hopes Usama could do better than him one day.

Usama now serves as deputy manager of the Utility Department in Jushi Egypt.

"This time I've again learned the latest technology from my master. I'm very happy and feel grateful to him. I will put to use what I've learned here back at Jushi Egypt," said Usama.

In South Africa, China Longyuan Power Group Corporation purchased a medical bus to provide free service to local residents.

Flora Sterngen is a professional nurse and also a team leader. "Thanks to the medical bus, we can move from area to area or from community to community, bringing convenience to the patients," said Flora.

Overseas beneficiaries express appreciation for BRI
Ti Gong

Flora Sterngen, a professional nurse in South Africa.

Over the past four years, they've traveled through streets and alleys and reached remote and impoverished areas, providing free examinations including but not limited to optometry and dentistry and distributing functional items like eyeglasses.

These services are often unaffordable to local people, and the medical bus has brought effective assistance and support to their lives.

"I quite enjoy working with the team on this mobile unit. Helping those who can't access medical services is a very fulfilling job," Sterngen said.

As a South African, she is thankful that it provides her with an opportunity to help others and she is grateful for its existence and the assistance it provides to the community.

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