Xi inspects post-flood reconstruction in Beijing, Hebei

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday visited the areas affected by floods this summer in Beijing and Hebei Province.

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday visited the areas affected by floods this summer in Beijing and Hebei Province.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, called for continuous efforts in post-flood reconstruction to ensure that local people could lead comfortable lives and spend a warm winter.

Xi stressed upholding a people-centered approach and called for redoubled efforts to address safety loopholes and strengthen weak links.

He urged accelerated progress in improving the systems of flood prevention projects and emergency management, and continuous enhancement of disaster prevention, mitigation, and relief capabilities.

In late July and early August, Beijing, Hebei, and several other parts of China were hit by floods and geological disasters caused by extreme rainfall, resulting in heavy casualties.

Xi has always been concerned about flood-affected people and has instructed relevant authorities multiple times to ensure the safety of people's lives and property, as well as to restore normalcy in work and life in disaster-hit regions.

In early September, Xi visited flood-affected villagers in Shangzhi City, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. As winter approaches in northern China, Xi visited flood-hit residents in Beijing and Hebei and inspected post-disaster reconstruction work.

On Friday morning, Xi inspected a water diversion project on the Yongding River in Beijing's Mentougou District. He pointed out that mountainous areas in districts such as Mentougou and Fangshan are key areas in the city's flood control efforts.

Relevant efforts should focus on both building reservoirs and other infrastructure, making good use of them, and improving the flood-resistant standards of roads and houses in the mountainous areas, he added.

Xi then visited a school that served as a temporary shelter and residence for disaster control and relief workers during the flood season. He walked into a classroom where students shared their experiences and feelings when facing the disaster.

Through the joint efforts of all parties, all schools in disaster-hit regions managed to reopen on schedule, Xi said, adding that it was reassuring and gratifying to see the students' smiling faces.

He urged the school to carry out safety education to enhance students' safety awareness and emergency response abilities.

On the school playground, Xi expressed condolences to the family members of those who sacrificed their lives for public service during the floods and extended his regards to representatives of those who participated in flood prevention and disaster relief, including grassroots Party members and officials, firefighters, emergency rescue personnel, and volunteers.

The fallen heroes should always be remembered, their heroic deeds should be promoted, and their bereaved families should be well-supported, Xi said.

Xi then visited the village of Shuiyuzui to learn about infrastructure restoration and improvement efforts.

At the home of villager Li Meng, Xi asked detailed questions about house damage, repair expenditure, heating conditions, and others.

Noting that the winter season is long in northern China, and it is particularly cold in the mountainous areas, Xi stressed that heating must be ensured in each household to keep the residents warm in winter.

When leaving the village, Xi told the residents that he is concerned about people in the flood-affected areas. The CPC is a party that serves the people and always puts the people above everything else, and the party will do its utmost in disaster relief as well as post-disaster reconstruction, he said.

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