Chinese professor fired over academic fraud

Yang Yiting
A professor was fired for academic misconduct after his published papers were found to contain plagiarism and fabricated data, Huazhong Agricultural University announced today.
Yang Yiting

A professor of Huazhong Agricultural University in the central China city of Wuhan has been fired over academic misconduct, with 10 of his published papers found to contain plagiarism and fabricated data, the university announced today.

A statement issued by the university revealed that 10 papers published by the professor surnamed Huang as a corresponding author were forged, including experimental data and pictures. His other two papers were improperly credited. He edited and published textbooks using duplicated content from other published textbooks without citing the source.

The investigation also found Huang, a professor at the College of Animal Science and Technology and the School of Animal Medicine, failed in his duty of supervising his graduate students and underpaid research assistant fees to some students.

The university canceled all Huang's positions on campus. It has applied to higher authorities to revoke his teaching qualification, withdraw his papers and suspend a textbook he edited.

The investigation commenced on January 18 after a scathing 125-page report penned by 11 of Huang's graduate students was released online, detailing a litany of alleged improprieties.

Huazhong Agricultural expressed its deep apologies in the statement, stating: "The school will deeply examine any academic misconduct to improve work, and firmly maintain a healthy academic environment for education."

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