A child's wonderland unfolds in Shanghai

Zhu Yile
An exhibition by French linear art master Serge Bloch which opens on December 6 is sure to delight adults and children alike with its magical and whimsical observations on life.
Zhu Yile

Following its success in Beijing, F-Kids is presenting an exhibition for children featuring "Bonjour La Ligne ! (Dear Line)," the first solo show by French linear art master Serge Bloch at shopping mall The Place in Changning District from December 6 to March 3 next year (closed on Mondays).

Bloch, a globally acclaimed linear artist, is a creative magician filled with whimsical ideas, and a soul catcher depicting the myriad facets of life. In his illustrated world, your imagination will soar, laughter will abound, and your soul will be moved!

He once said: "Narrating life is my lifelong mission, and drawing is my unique method. I observe everything passing through our lives and transform those fleeting moments into eternity within the pages of my books."

A child's wonderland unfolds in Shanghai

Serge Bloch, a French linear art master.

Serge Bloch is known for his humorous, modern-style works, using everyday items like light bulbs and stones combined with simple lines. As a renowned French illustrator, children's book author, and internationally acclaimed artist, he dedicates himself to the fields of illustration and children's literature.

Bloch has created illustrations for over 300 books and collaborated with numerous internationally renowned publications such as The New York Times, Time magazine, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, and advertising design companies.

Featuring a selection of representative picture books and over 50 illustrations, the exhibition's works narrate profound tales through lines in painting, unlocking a captivating world for the soul and inviting everyone to experience the beauty of the soul with children.

Serge excels at portraying the world with simple lines, effortlessly turning the mundane into the magical. Whether it's vegetables, fruits, everyday items, or chocolate, anything at his fingertips can become a masterpiece. Several of his representative works can be seen in the exhibition.

"I'm Waiting..." is an exceptionally unique picture book, both in form and content, depicting an ordinary life that resonates with most people. The protagonist patiently awaits the arrival of the next stage in life, conveying the message that hope is the wonderful force sustaining life.

A child's wonderland unfolds in Shanghai

Exhibit area showcasing Serge Bloch's iconic work "I'm Waiting..." – a unique and thought-provoking picture book.

"I Love Kindergarten" intricately details a day in kindergarten through images and words, illustrating a baby's gradual adjustment to separation from parents and the beginning of the first social interactions.

A child's wonderland unfolds in Shanghai

Discover the charm of Serge Bloch's renowned piece "I Love Kindergarten" in a dedicated exhibition space.

Adults often forget they were once mischievous children. In reality, which child hasn't been in a fight? This book "The Art of Fighting" approaches "fighting" from a child's perspective, revealing it as an art – a game with rules and boundaries.

A child's wonderland unfolds in Shanghai

Dive into the world of "The Art of Fighting," an exhibit featuring Serge Bloch's distinctive work.

"When We Grow Old" explores how well you know your grandparents. The book, narrated by an old grandmother, reflects on her life and vividly describes a day in the life of an elderly person. It aims to guide children to empathize and cherish the elderly around them in a colloquial and heartwarming manner.

A child's wonderland unfolds in Shanghai

Explore the exhibit area dedicated to Serge Bloch's masterpiece "When We Grow Old," offering a nostalgic reflection on aging.

In addition, 10 unconventional interactive installations are filled with artistic imagination to spark your creativity. Here, you can engage in the immersive AR interactive game, Mr. Chip, using your phone. Explore and discover what the little inhabitants of the "line people's world" are up to.

As a father of two, Serge is not only a big kid at heart but has also elevated play to a professional level. Combining gaming with creation, artistic creativity can burst forth during play.

Take, for example, the "Ever-changing Red Nose" exhibit. Each red ball on the wall holds infinite creativity. To different eyes, it can transform into various shapes, from a clown's nose to a red tail for a little cat. Imagination will be unleashed in this space.

You can also become a curator, using cooking tools, utensils, and vegetables as tools of expression for the children. "Children don't care what others think or say, they're only concerned with expressing what matters to them," Bloch said.

A child's wonderland unfolds in Shanghai

"The Ever-changing Red Nose" area invites you to unleash boundless creativity with every red ball on the wall.

Date: December 6, 2023-March 3, 2024 (Closed on Mondays), 10am-8pm (Last entry at 7:30pm)

Venue: L316, The Place, 100 Zunyi Rd

Early bird tickets: 58 yuan (individual), 108 yuan (couple), 158 yuan (group of three)

Regular ticket prices: 78 yuan (individual), 138 yuan (couple), 198 yuan (group of three)

How to get there:

Metro Line 2: Loushan'guan Road Station (Exit 2)

Metro Line 10: Yili Road Station (Exit 1)

Metro Lines 3 and 4: Yan'an Road W. Station (Exit 1)

Tips: Children under 1 meter tall enter for free (must be accompanied by a paying adult);

Medical professionals, active-duty military personnel, firemen, police, and people with disabilities can enter with valid identification

A child's wonderland unfolds in Shanghai

Children take part in the immersive AR interactive game, Mr. Chip, using a smartphone.

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