The other cop who keeps the communities safe and secure

Zhu Jilong
Many people think "police" only apprehend criminals, but there are some who also handle family and neighborhood problems.
Zhu Jilong
The other cop who keeps the communities safe and secure
Qin Jian

Xu Weilong, a community police officer, hands out flyers to residents in front of a community shopping mall to help them learn how to avoid getting scammed.

Many people believe that police are only involved in apprehending criminals. However, there are some officers who also handle family and neighborhood disputes. They are known as community police.

"Remember, if you receive a call from a number beginning with 200 or 036, do not answer," said Xu Weilong, a community police officer with the Juyuan Police Station.

He was promoting anti-fraud knowledge to residents in his jurisdiction at Sunye Shopping Mall on January 10, the third Chinese Police Day.

"I return to work immediately after a negative antigen test, despite the fact that I have not recovered fully. There are many things to take care of before the Chinese New Year. Coming to work a day earlier will make the community a day safer," Xu explained.

His jurisdiction includes the Jiabao community, which has a population of 6,925, including around 2,230 from outside Shanghai.

He admitted that, because of the large number of residents and constant flows, he was initially confused when he first took over the job.

"I found it completely different from what I had imagined," Xu said. "The community police are extremely busy because there are so many trivial matters to deal with."

The other cop who keeps the communities safe and secure
Qin Jian

Xu visits an elderly woman living alone. He visited her every three days at her home till she recovered from COVID-19.

In order to have a deeper understanding of the community, Xu visited the local stores, businesses, and residents' houses. Community affairs are now easier to manage due to ongoing visits and site exploration.

"There is no framework or schedule for the community police's work. We should rely on our own expertise and methods," Xu added.

"Hello, Aunt Shen, we have come to see you," Xu said.

"How have you been doing? How are you feeling? I brought you some disinfectants and masks. Take a good rest at home. Call me whenever you face problems."

Shen, who is in her seventies, recently recovered from COVID-19. Because her children are not around sometimes, Xu and the community staff visit her every three days.

"When I was feeling sick a few days ago, Xu brought me medicine," Shen said. "With him in our community, the elderly are much more at ease."

The other cop who keeps the communities safe and secure
Qin Jian

Xu talks to a factory worker about the need to be cautious about the fire hazard.

As the Spring Festival approaches, Xu must also undertake fire hazard assessments at commercial complexes and business parks in the community and warn them to be cautious.

"We are about to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Everyone must do a safety check before returning home, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!" Xu instructed workers in the factory of Shanghai Light Industry Machinery Co.

He told them to conduct a final safety inspection of fire protection facilities and equipment before the Spring Festival.

Instead of preaching, Xu conversed and laughed with the manufacturing employees as a friend.

"The officer was quite easy to get along with," said Li Min, the company's general manager. "He patiently talks every time he visits. We are more than willing to listen."

Despite the trivial and complicated nature of the community police's responsibilities and the fact that they do not rush to the scene to arrest criminals like the criminal investigation police, the community police's work is nonetheless meaningful because they invest their hearts in the community.

"When you see the smiles on the people's faces, you realize that your work is as rewarding as apprehending criminals," Xu said. "Peace in the neighborhood is the best holiday gift for me, and I am very glad to be a community police officer."

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