District upgrades, launches new administrative services

Shi Jingyun
Jiading District is expanding and improving its administrative services to ensure a better quality of life for its residents.
Shi Jingyun

Jiading District has been working hard to improve people’s sense of gain, happiness and security through expanding its administrative service functions to meet people’s needs.

Neighborhood centers

The suburban district’s Wojia Neighborhood Centers are an example of the district government’s commitment to providing one-stop platform for residents’ culture and art, wellbeing, parent-child and catering needs.

According to an earlier plan, the district will construct 66 Wojia neighborhood centers during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021–2025). So far, 43 have been completed, with an additional 10 planned for this year.

Jiangqiao Town’s Wojia Neighborhood Center at 366 Haibo Road serves over 90,000 people from 11 communities.

The neighborhood center offers government affairs, elderly care, medical care, culture and sports, parent-child relationships, and other services to improve residents’ daily lives.

The Wojia Restaurant there is open to all residents, and the district and town governments subsidize qualified senior diners.

The second-floor reading corner at the Xianghua Wojia Neighborhood Center in Nanxiang Town is a popular place to relax. One can read a book for hours or talk to other bookworms.

To diversify and improve its services, the Anting Auto City Wojia Neighborhood Center invited socially run organizations and enterprises. The center provides free space for qualified organizations and enterprises in education, culture, sport and wellness to provide services to residents at lower prices.

District upgrades, launches new administrative services
Xu Chenyi

People submit applications for various government services at the Shanghai Jiading District Administrative Service Center.

One-stop service platform

Enterprises and residents can get efficient and convenient government services at the Shanghai Jiading District Administrative Service Center, which opened as the largest single-building administrative service center in Shanghai in 2019.

The center has 31 functional departments that handle over 630 government service issues.

Special areas for seven fields and 162 integrated windows are set up to offer services for all stages of business and personal development.

The administrative service center’s self-service terminal equipment allows people to print important documents like social insurance certificates.

A window has been set up to listen to residents and businesses who can’t get things done and offer advice and help to improve its service.

The center has also launched four “new-format” services, such as speed channel, video-assisted operation and personal assistance, to make administrative services more standardized, easy to use and efficient, which have received positive feedback from the residents and enterprises.

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