Shanghai holds exhibitions featuring jade work, plant-dye crafts and painting

Tan Weiyun
Three exhibitions have kicked off in Shanghai, featuring 28 jade masters, natural plant-dying techniques, and a retrospective display of renowned painter Gu Zhenle.
Tan Weiyun
Shanghai holds exhibitions featuring jade work, plant-dye crafts and painting

Shanghai State Quintessence Gallery holds jade exhibition

The Shanghai State Quintessence Gallery is currently holding its jade exhibition, displaying the fine carving skills of gem stones by China's 28 jade masters. The exhibition will run through the end of October.

The art space, covering an area of 1,200 square meters, features about 200 jade pieces, each carved, engraved, chiseled and shaped into the country's famed cultural relics, such as the Sanxingdui Mask, Square Zun (a vessel) Decorated with Four Rams, Terracotta Warriors, and tricolor-glazed pottery from the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907).

Venue: Shanghai State Quintessence Gallery

Address: 3388 Sichen Rd


Xianhe Art Space plant-dye exhibition

A plant-dye exhibition has opened at the Xianhe Art Space in Sijing Town, which displays a wide variety of dyed artworks, garments and objects of daily use, including handbags, scarves and pillows, among others.

Plant dyeing is a traditional method of coloring textiles and other materials using natural pigments extracted from plants, such as flowers, leaves, bark, roots, and fruits. Often soft and muted, the earthy colors are reminiscent of the natural world.

Venue: Xianhe Art Space

Address: 150 Gulang Rd


Cheng Shifa Art Museum holds Gu Zhenle retrospective exhibition

A retrospective exhibition of painter, calligrapher and seal carver Gu Zhenle (1915-2021), ongoing at the Cheng Shifa Art Museum, unfolds the artist's "waters and mountains" through his landscape brush work from the 1970s.

The painting scroll "Seeing Spring from Details," no bigger than a palm of a hand, was finished when Gu was 92 years old. It shows how the master's style changed from delicate and subtle in his early years to bright and bold in his later life.

Venue: Cheng Shifa Art Museum

Address: 458 Zhongshan Rd M.


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