Diving into the captivating world of jade carving

Jiang Mengyu
Qian Peixing is a rising jade carving star. The Shanghai native embarked on a journey into the complicated realm of jade carving with no prior creative training.
Jiang Mengyu
Diving into the captivating world of jade carving

Qian Peixing

Qian Peixing, a recent graduate of the Shanghai Art & Design Academy with a focus on Jade Design and Craft, is a rising star in the world of jade carving.

His unwavering commitment and passion for jewelry design have inspired him to embark on a new journey this fall semester as a jewelry design major in the Shanghai Jian Qiao University.

The Shanghai native began his search for artistic brilliance with the help of his father and grandfather, who shared a deep interest in traditional culture and intangible legacy.

Throughout his academic career, Qian showed an unwavering commitment to excellence, routinely achieving top honors in his major and overall assessments.

Diving into the captivating world of jade carving
Liu Ruihan

Qian Peixing sets forth on a journey into the intricate realm of jade carving with an unwavering commitment to achieving excellence.

His unwavering focus resulted in a stunning collection of jade carvings, each a monument to the everlasting beauty and delicacy of this old technique.

“These exquisite jade carvings breathe new life into the jade itself, and I feel a profound responsibility to preserve and promote this craft,” Qian said.

His internship at a prominent jade carving design firm in Shanghai was a significant milestone in his educational path.

The experience exposed him to a world outside of textbooks and classrooms, propelling his skills to new heights. It has also significantly shaped his character with a sense of contemplation and humility.

In the voyage of life, he reflects that, like jade, one must strive to be smooth and malleable, with no sharp edges.

For the moment, Qian’s ambition is to bridge the gap between traditional Chinese jade carving techniques and contemporary jewelry design. He sees himself as a curator of China’s great jade carving heritage, ensuring its legacy lives on for future generations.

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