The blazing maple trees in Daguanyuan are visually stunning

Zhu Yuting
The maple leaves at Shanghai Daguanyuan (Grandview Garden) have attracted throngs of people who regard them as a good luck symbol.
Zhu Yuting
The blazing maple trees in Daguanyuan are visually stunning
Shen Qianhui

The red maple tree is the first thing visitors will notice upon entering the garden.

It is time to marvel at the beautiful red maple leaves in Qingpu District, an annual spectacle worth appreciating.

Rows of maple trees at the Shanghai Daguanyuan (Grandview Garden) have transformed into a fiery display of scarlet-colored foliage.

As the sunlight filters through the branches and leaves, it casts flickering and mottled shadows under the trees, illuminating the crimson leaves with an appearance akin to a fireworks show.

The implications of maple leaves are equally interesting.

During the cold autumns and winters, when other flowers and plants wilt and wither, maple leaves remain gorgeous and red, making them a symbol of good fortune.

That is why many visitors flock to the Grandview Garden, to capture the enchanting scenery through their camera lenses and perhaps take away a bit of good fortune during this magical season.

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