The latest local lures: The newest venues in Jing'an

Li Qian
Culture, calligraphy, German consultancy headquarters and coffee from deaf-mute baristas are just some of the latest offerings in the area.
Li Qian
The latest local lures: The newest venues in Jing'an
Ti Gong

Great places at your doorstep

The exhibition and information center at Shaanxi Road N. has recently been listed in the city's latest batch of "great places at your doorstep."

The two-story venue on 600 Shaanxi Road N. serves to showcase the history and culture of the neighborhood, which is home to tens of celebrities and historic buildings, such as the Pacific Garden, the Ohel Rachel Synagogue and the former residence of Hong Kong tycoon Ho Tung.

The center also provides people a site to enjoy coffee, read books, learn about the city's history, make handicrafts and attend lectures.

Currently, 15 sites in Jing'an have been included on the list. Others include the Jing'an District Children's Library, Zhangyuan – Fengshengli and the Pengpu Four Seasons Park.

The latest local lures: The newest venues in Jing'an
Ti Gong

Traditional Chinese culture center

Wei Yang School has opened at the Shimen Road No. 2 Subdistrict Culture Center to promote traditional Chinese culture to locals.

It covers nearly 300 square meters at 1501 Nansuzhou Road, with traditional Chinese culture lectures and experiences such as folk dances and tea ceremonies.

To celebrate its opening, a hanfu (traditional Chinese Han-style attire) fashion show was staged.

The latest local lures: The newest venues in Jing'an
Ti Gong

Conveying best wishes

Calligraphers have come together at the Shanghai Railway Station to write chunlian (Spring Festival couplets) or the Chinese character "福," meaning "blessings," for passengers leaving Shanghai to reunite with their families in other places.

It has become a tradition for them to do so ahead of the Chinese New Year to send their best wishes to migrant workers in the city.

The latest local lures: The newest venues in Jing'an
Ti Gong

New regional headquarters

Global consultancy Roland Berger has moved its Asia-Pacific headquarters to the Suhe Center.

Founded in Germany 1967, Roland Berger is one of the top five global strategy consulting firms, operating in 34 countries with 51 branches and over 3,000 employees.

Roland Berger has been in China for 40 years, and has opened offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei and Guangzhou.

Suhewan, the waterfront areas of Suzhou Creek in Jing'an, has emerged as a new magnet for headquarters of global companies, such as Tapestry, Canada Goose and Grey Group China.

The latest local lures: The newest venues in Jing'an
Ti Gong

Dragon babaofan

Time-honored eatery Wangjiasha has designed a dragon-themed babaofan for the Year of the Dragon.

Babaofan, or steamed sweetened glutinous rice with eight distinct ingredients, is a signature snack of Wangjiasha.

Master chefs used fondant to create a golden dragon on top of a traditional babaofan to send blessings to customers.

The latest local lures: The newest venues in Jing'an
Ti Gong

Skiing competition

The fourth Jing'an Juniors Ski Competition has been held in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province.

The competition comprised of alpine skiing giant slalom, snowboard giant slalom, snowboard slopestyle, and freestyle skiing slopestyle.

It was categorized into U8, U10, U12, U13, U14, and U16.

More than 260 young skiers from home and abroad took part in the competition.

Though it rarely snows in the area, Jing'an has been working to promote winter sports such as skiing among children for years.

In 2019, Jing'an established the city's first skiing association. One year later, it formed the city's first teen ski team.

Moreover, Jing'an is promoting winter sports in local schools. Daning International Elementary School, Fenghua Junior Middle School, and Fenghua Middle School have been designated to foster budding skiers.

The latest local lures: The newest venues in Jing'an
Yu Tingli / Ti Gong

Silent cafe

Starting from this month, customers at the Suhewan Greenland Service Center can have a free cup of coffee made by deaf-mute baristas.

It is a newly-launched charity program by the Beizhan Subdistrict and Jing'an Yilifang Community Service Center.

Recently, local residents were invited to learn sign languages from these special baristas to express "Americano," "double expresso," "latte" and other orders.

The center, at 798 Beisuzhou Rd, has an area of nearly 40 square meters. It allows people who walk along the Suzhou Creek to rest, use a toilet, and drink tea.

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