A fun, safe, and supportive store for girls

Yan Jingyang Song Xinyi
HaoHaoXiao, or HaoHaoLaugh, is an interesting store on Jiaozhou Road in Shanghai.
Yan Jingyang Song Xinyi

Shot by Yan Jingyang. Edited by Yan Jingyang. Subtitles by Wang Xinzhou and Song Xinyi.

An intriguing shop called HaoHaoXiao, also known as HaoHaoLaugh, is located on Jiaozhou Road in Shanghai.

"HaoHaoXiao" in Chinese means hilarious. It was started by fashion and lifestyle blogger Chloe Gan Guniang, which translates to "a courageous girl."

The store's focus is on girls. You can get Japanese purikura, make your own accessories with beads, and have your hair braided here. Furthermore, it is a community where girls can support one another and make friends.

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