Tulips lead springtime flowering at Taiziwan Park

Wu Huixin
In efforts to provide visitors a more convenient experience, the committee of the West Lake Scenic Area has launched a flower-themed cruise from March 8 to April 14.
Wu Huixin
Tulips lead springtime flowering at Taiziwan Park
Ti Gong

As the vernal colors reach their peak, the enchanting floral displays at Taiziwan Park draw crowds of visitors.

Over 400,000 tulips are beginning to bloom at Hangzhou's Taiziwan Park. About 10 percent of the blossoms, ranging in hues of red, orange, pink and purple, have already burst into bloom beneath towering trees, near quaint ponds, weaving through meadows, and adorning the northern periphery of the park.

The park has kept the tulip-growing tradition for more than 20 years. Those bulbs have been treated at low temperatures to encourage early flowering. The remaining bulbs are set to flower between the middle of this month and the following month.

Taiziwan Park, on the southern side of the West Lake, is popular with families. During spring, the main attractions are the graceful willows and vibrant tulips. Classic park plants such as yellow winter jasmine, pink camellia, and pink and white hill cherry blossoms enhance the beauty of the surroundings.

Tulips lead springtime flowering at Taiziwan Park
Ti Gong

The committee of the West Lake Scenic Area has also launched a flower-themed cruise from March 8 to April 14. The cruise avoids the jammed traffic around the West Lake, offering tourists a much more tranquil route to the park.

People could board the boat at the piers of King Qian's Temple and Hangzhou Restaurant from 8am to 4:30pm and the pier of Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond from 8am to 5pm.

Boat ticket costs 15 yuan (US$2) per person and 7.5 yuan for child between 1.2 and 1.5 meters. Passage is free for children below 1.2 meters. Hangzhou residents can enjoy a special 5-yuan ticket by showcasing their residency card.

Due to the visitor control policy, the park has implemented measures to reduce crowds for the safety of its annual tulip exhibition.

Visitors are required to make advance reservations through the Zhangshang Xihu (West Lake on the Palm) app or the official WeChat accounts of Hangzhou Fenghuangshan Hill and the West Lake Scenic Area.

To avoid weekend traffic congestion around the West Lake, Shanghai Daily recommends visitors take public transportation. More than 200 trains run daily between Shanghai and Hangzhou, with the fastest journey taking just 45 minutes.

Tickets can be conveniently purchased through the 12306 app or at train stations. Upon arriving at Hangzhou, board Line 1 at Hangzhou East Railway Station and alight at Longxiang Bridge Station, then transfer to Bus No. 4 and get off at Chishanbu Station.

Tulips lead springtime flowering at Taiziwan Park
Ti Gong

Taiziwan Park is a picturesque location ideal for picnics and wedding photoshoots, boasting a year-round floral spectacle.

In April, the park will be adorned with pink cherry blossoms, creating a stunning sight. As the temperatures increase, the peach trees are expected to bloom fully. When a gentle breeze blows, it often carries the delicate pink petals into the nearby water bodies, adding to the park's charm.

Taiziwan means "prince's bay" in Chinese. Legend has it that two Southern Song Dynasty princes were laid to rest in this area, giving rise to the park's name.

The western gate of the park is the starting point of a trail leading to Jiuyao Hill. Hikers can reach a nearby mountaintop for a panoramic view of the West Lake.

The hill is dotted with wild, aromatic winter daphne. Just pay attention to your surroundings while hiking. These fragrant shrubs mainly grow beneath big trees and sometimes on slopes.

The northern gate of the park links to the Su Causeway, which connects the northern and southern sides of the iconic West Lake and boasts scenic spots which attract a seemingly endless stream of visitors each day.

The causeway is bordered by verdant foliage and vibrant peach blossoms in spring. Its linear structure imbues the landscape with symmetry, echoing the serenity of the lake – a stark juxtaposition to the lively bustle on the surrounding land.

Tulips lead springtime flowering at Taiziwan Park
Ti Gong

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