How to navigate a Chinese pharmacy and create a basic medical kit

Arina Yakupova Ma Xuefeng
How to find some Western alternatives at a local Chinese pharmacy and put together a basic medical kit at home? Arina invites her friend Doctor Yan to help us!
Arina Yakupova Ma Xuefeng

Shot by Ma Xuefeng. Edited by Ma Xuefeng. Reported by Arina Yakupova. Subtitles by Wang Xinzhou.

Visiting a Chinese pharmacy can be a challenging experience for foreigners because everything is written in Chinese characters. Most of the time, expats bring their own medicine with them to China. However, in a local Chinese pharmacy, you can find Western alternatives to medications.

Arina Yakupova meets with Dr. Yan Siyu from SinoUnited Health to explore how to navigate a Chinese pharmacy and create a basic medical kit today.

By watching this video, you will discover which medicines can help you treat cold symptoms, find pain relief, improve digestive health, alleviate throat issues, manage allergies, and relieve nasal congestion.

Remember to consult a doctor before using any medication, and always follow the recommended dosage. Although it is important to be prepared, safety should always remain the top priority.

(Special thanks to SinoUnited Health and Shanghai No. 1 Pharmacy Co)

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