Qiantang River swimming event to be held on July 29

Wu Huixin
The competitors for the "2023 Crossing Qiantang River," which will be held on July 29, will be chosen through a lottery after the organizers received over 6,000 applications.
Wu Huixin

The annual "Crossing Qiantang River" swimming competition will be held on July 29. The event organized by the Hangzhou government is intended to promote sports activities.

The route starts from the Wharf of the Water Transportation Branch of the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau on the south bank and ends at the City Balcony on the north bank.

Every year, thousands of people participate in the event. Organizers are expecting about 3,000 people this time, with 2,600 in the mass-crossing group.

The mass group has no gender or age restrictions, and each attendee will receive a souvenir. Participants in the elite challenge group will be separated into adult male, young male, adult female, and young female groups based on their ages.

For years, the spots were filled as soon as the registration system opened. This year, the organizers will use a lottery mode to decide qualifications for the first time, and then distribute official entrance credentials.

Winners must bring their ID cards to the designated locations to take the swimming test before the crossing event. On Saturday, there will be a second round of lottery drawing.

Qiantang River swimming event to be held on July 29

Last year, a total of 2022 swimmers competed in the "Crossing Qiantang River" event from the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center to the City Balcony. The annual competition is a favorite among local residents during the summer.

Approximately 6,305 people registered for this year's event, including a 4-year-old child and an 81-year-old elderly person. Only 40 percent will be able to take the test.

Swimmers must be in excellent health to take the test.

Men must swim 800 meters in 25 minutes and women in 30 minutes to compete in the mass-crossing group. The elite challenge category requires men and women to swim 1,000 meters in 15 and 18 minutes, respectively.

Everyone should sign the Letter of Self-Risk Commitment. Children under the age of 16 and elderly persons over the age of 70 must sign the Acknowledgment of Risks with the consent of their guardian or legal representative.

On July 29, shuttle buses will be available at Jiangling Road Metro Station and the intersection of Zhijiang and Xinye roads. Swimmers are advised to take public transportation.

The world's largest tidal bore is located in the Qiantang River. As the tide rushes into the river mouth from Hangzhou Bay, the waves reach a height of 5 meters. The tides rise twice a day all year, but the best time to witness the stunning tides is in the middle of September. The swimming activity usually begins with the low tides. Experienced lifeguards with equipment will be present.

Qiantang River swimming event to be held on July 29

Many of the competitors are children.

Designated test locations:

Hangzhou Swimming Gym

Address: 572 Zhongshan Rd N.

Daguan Swimming Gym

Address: 18 Dongsiyuan

Ding'an Natatorium

Address: 27 Ding'an Rd

Pengzhixing Jiubao Natatorium

Address: 109 Jiumu Rd

Shangcheng District Sports Center

Address: 12 Qianchao Rd

Dinglan Natatorium

Address: 1180 Linding Rd

Xihu District Pengzhixing Natatorium

Address: 217 Qingchuan St

Hangzhou Qiuwen Yuhua Sports Center

Address: 532 Wenyi Rd W

Hangzhou Zhengyuan Natatorium

Address: 207 Fengtan Rd

Hangzhou Xianfeng Natatorium

Address: 78 Youyong Lane

Natatorium of Zhejiang University of Technology

Address: 282 Shangtang Rd

Xiaoshan Xiuwang Sports Center

Address: 8 Daoyuan Rd

Jinshibao Natatorium

Address: 50 Shixinbei Rd

Natatorium of Hangzhou Dianzi University

Address: 280 Xuelin St

Lin'an Ruiding Natatorium

Address: 599 Jiuzhou St

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